Corsair Rapidfire mechanical keyboards now official

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Corsair Rapidfire mechanical keyboards now official

If you were following our FB or Instagram page, you may have noticed a few teasers from us about a new switch and an upcoming keyboard. Back then Corsair was sending us those tiny little hints but didn’t really tell us what was it, so you aren’t the only person in the dark about it. One of the most interesting teaser was the one where a single switch was censored out. Apparently Corsair has yet another exclusive mechanical switch from Cherry, and we didn’t know what it was. But now we do.

Corsair RapidFire (1)

Corsair RapidFire (1)

The latest switch is the Cherry MX Speed, which promises the shortest actuation distance among the current generation of mechanical keyboard switches and also faster actuation speed, while maintaining the operating force of the Cherry MX Red/Brown, which is 45g.

Corsair RapidFire (6)

Corsair RapidFire (6)

The MX Speed is compared directly against the exclusive switches from its rivals in the mechanical keyboard game, and it blows them away with it’s actuation distance and actuation speed. Also worth noting that it is the only linear switch in this comparison, which makes it the natural choice for those who prefer a faster MX Red.

Corsair RapidFire (5)

Corsair RapidFire (5)

The Cherry MX Speed switches will be offered with their current generation line-up, which means you get the stellar aluminium frame, individual key backlighting, 100% anti-ghosting (NKRO) and more.

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[panel title=”K65 RGB Rapidfire”]Corsair RapidFire (2)[/panel]
[panel title=”K70 Rapidfire”]Corsair RapidFire (3) [/panel]
[panel title=”K70 RGB Rapidfire”]Corsair RapidFire (4)[/panel]

The Cherry MX Speed switches will be available in the compact TKL K65 RGB Rapidfire, K70 RGB Rapidfire and even a single-color LED K70 Rapidfire, possible for those who do not need such levels of bling and would rather save some moolah.

Pricing and availability are still unknown for now, but we are sure Corsair will be ready to put these newest switches under gamers’ fingertips real soon. After all, speed counts.


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Pokdepinion: Aside from the curious Quickfire Rapidfire name, the Corsair keyboards with the Cherry MX Speed looks like a good upgrade to match the latest generation of gaming mechanical keyboards with their exclusive gaming-optimized switches. I would prefer a tactile Speed switch though, if it is possible to make.


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