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Intel Core i9 9900K to feature new snazzy packaging

Intel Core i9 9900K to feature new snazzy packaging

by Vyncent ChanOctober 2, 2018
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Intel’s latest Core i9 9900K processor is going to come in a pretty fancy new packaging. Perhaps Intel is feeling a little pressured, with the AMD Threadrippers having amazing packaging? So this is what they have come up with.

Intel Core i9 9900K to feature new snazzy packaging 19

The new Intel Core i9 9900K has been seen listed on Amazon (the listing has since be removed) in a translucent dodecahedron (12-sided) package. Yep, it’s a big word, this is the first time I used it. No idea how Intel will fit those into the bulk boxes for shipping. It does look pretty cool though. Inside the packaging appears to be a tray which holds the processor. Considering that their current top-of-the-line Core i9 7980XE also comes in a standard cardboard packaging, this is a big step forward for Intel.

Curiously, the pricing on Amazon for the Intel Core i9 9900K is also $100 higher than the pricing we saw on Silicon Lottery. You won’t have to wait too long until Intel officially announces the 9th Generation Intel Core processors though. The launch is pretty imminent, or 8th October 2018, to be exact.

What do you think of Intel’s new packaging?

Source: Tom’s Hardware via Tech Critter

Pokdepinion: The packaging does seem very interesting! Perhaps finally Intel users would keep their boxes instead of tossing it out after taking the processor out?

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