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Metro Exodus to Be Exclusive for Epic Games Store – Steam Pre-Orders?

Metro Exodus to Be Exclusive for Epic Games Store – Steam Pre-Orders?

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 30, 2019
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Metro Exodus to Be Timed Exclusive for Epic Games Store

One of the hottest upcoming games in February 2019 is Metro Exodus, a first-person shooter based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels created by 4A Games and Deep Silver. It’s been open for pre-order on Steam for a while now but it appears that new issues have come to light.

It appears that Metro Exodus will be exclusively released on the Epic Games Store. For those who have pre-ordered the game on Steam however, you will be receiving the game as expected by the time the release date arrives.

It’s no surprise that such a thing is happening given that Epic Games Store is giving Steam and Valve a very fierce competition. They are offering to give publishers / developers an opportunity to make more money with every sale as they will be taking a smaller percentage of the sale compared to Steam.

We do have an official statement from Steam / Valve on Metro Exodus, who mentioned about the move being unfair to consumers:

We think the decision to remove the game is unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period. We apologize to Steam customers that were expecting it to be available for sale through the February 15th release date, but we were only recently informed of the decision and given limited time to let everyone know.

We can definitely sense the frustration in the message but one thing we do know now is that it’s not going to only be on Epic Games Store forever. The game will indeed be coming back to Steam but much later on in 2020.

Metro Exodus will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 15th February 2019.

Pokdepinion: I already knew such a thing will be happening, and we can definitely see that the landscape is being rattled. Are we at the precipice of a huge change?

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