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Not everyone will be upgraded to Unifi or Streamyx 8 Mbps

Not everyone will be upgraded to Unifi or Streamyx 8 Mbps

by Vyncent ChanDecember 18, 2018
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Previously in a statement to Senator Ismail Ibrahim, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Eddin Syazlee Shith revealed that the government is planning to upgrade all Streamyx users in unifi areas to the faster broadband service. For those who are located in areas without unifi, they will be receiving a free upgrade to 8 Mbps. Well, there’s some additional bad news.

Streamyx customers who are not under unifi’s coverage will only get double the speed at the same price. And the maximum cap is 8 Mbps for Streamyx over copper, which raises the question, what about those already paying for 8 Mbps Streamyx and cannot get unifi? There appears to be no answer for them.

Perhaps they could switch over to unifi Mobile with 60GB quota for RM79/month? According to TM, 70% of subscribers have received their 2x upgrade, and only 65 000 subscribers have yet to receive their upgrade.

Well perhaps it is due to good decision making like this that TM is losing money

Pokdepinion: Well, I guess I should switch over to unifi Mobile at my home as it seems like unifi is not coming anytime soon and neither am I going to receive a price reduction…

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