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Radeon Technologies Group launched their first product today — Radeon Software Crimson Edition

Radeon Technologies Group launched their first product today — Radeon Software Crimson Edition

by Muhammad FirdausNovember 24, 2015
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Today Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) released its very first Radeon Software suite, Radeon Software Crimson Edition, built from the ground up to giving users an exceptional new user experience, new and enhanced features, increase graphic performances up to 20% meanwhile improved the energy efficiency and rock solid stability across the full spectrum on AMD graphics products.


For your information, RTG is AMD’s dedicated graphics division that is responsible for overseeing all aspects of graphics technologies used in AMD’s APU, discrete GPU, semi-custom, and GPU compute products. This also includes AMD’s LiquidVR initiative which aims to make VR as comfortable and realistic as possible by creating and maintaining what’s known as “presence” — a state of immersive awareness where situations, objects, or characters within the virtual world seem “real.”


“Radeon Technologies Group is laser-focused on the vertical integration of all things graphics, propelling the industry forward by driving performance per watt, creating innovative technologies and ensuring that the software supporting our — Raja Koduri


Radeon Software Crimson Edition includes:

Radeon Settings

A new streamlined user interface engineered to get the best performance on AMD graphics hardware. The new software promises faster start-up 10 times faster and initializing displays 3 times faster than AMD Catalyst driver. It also offers a more intuitive navigation, a new game manager, revamp overdrive tool, and new video, display and AMD Eyefinity technology section letting users easily apply game and performance settings.

New or enhanced features

A total of twelve new and augmented capabilities helps ensure that users enjoy the best experience possible across gaming, video and productivity applications.


Supercharged performance and energy efficiency

Enables up to 33 percent faster game load times, up to 20 percent more game performance, and up to 1.8 times more energy efficiency capability than its predecessor which can increase system performance-per-watt by as much as 23 percent.

First public support of AMD LiquidVR technology

GCN’s Asynchronous Compute Engine helps to dramatically improve frames per second (FPS), responsiveness and latency in Virtual Reality applications for an exceptionally smooth gaming experience on all GCN-based hardware.


Seamless stability

With 15 percent more system configurations than AMD Catalyst Omega and huge numbers of community-driven request, Radeon Software Crimson Edition delivers exceptional stability across a range of experiences.

The new Radeon Software Crimson Edition is now available for free download without any email subscription today at AMD download page.



Pokdepinion: Radeon Software Crimson Edition offers tons of new and enhanced features. What I’m hoping for is an in-game OSD, better overdrive tools, and better FRTC since currently it’s not working perfectly in Battlefield 4. For high end card, the frame pacing 3.0 might be the great feature which will improve their gaming experiences.


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