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serverDNA 2 Held Today – Free Gifts Galore!

serverDNA 2 Held Today – Free Gifts Galore!

by Raja IdrisOctober 12, 2017
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Today the serverDNA 2 event was held at Four Points Sheraton, Puchong. The event, which was hosted by Serverware and Uber Electronics, gathered many gamers to meet, learn, and experience technology sharing from the industry experts.

serverDNA 2

serverDNA 2 Held Today - Free Gifts Galore! 19serverDNA 2 Held Today - Free Gifts Galore! 20

The event was packed with exhibitors such as Intel, Seagate, HyperX, Samsung, and HP to name a few. Attendees were treated as they got a chance seeing custom rigs and offers on all PC related items. Visitors had also the chance to participate in forum talks held by local eSport figures such as IceyZ, Le Jossette plus talks held by representatives from Intel, InWin, Seagate and more.

serverDNA 2 Held Today - Free Gifts Galore! 21Featured at the event was the InWin Interactive WinBot PC case. This was quite something as there are only 2 units of it in the whole world and one of them was displayed brilliantly at the event.

serverDNA 2 Held Today - Free Gifts Galore! 22There was also a contest for modders at the event. The winner would be picked by the crowd through online voting. One notable custom mod was the Hatsune Miku build (picture below), it had a panel display right infront of the rig, which was kind of cool.

serverDNA 2 Held Today - Free Gifts Galore! 23PC rigs and talks aside, the free give aways was always the main focus of the crowd and boy the event didn’t disappoint them. ServerDNA 2 literally gave out tons of free gift to the lucky audience through lucky draws and some occasions just handing the gifts away. Items include gaming keyboards, headphones, mouse, hardisk, and loads more.

The event was then concluded with a bidding session on items. To the joy of the audience, items were valuable and bidders got to win them at cheaper prices.

Pokdepinion: I was really shocked at how many items they gave away as lucky draw items, totally blew my mind. It was a great gathering of gamers and I really hope that they will be having another event like this in the future!

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