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unifi announces #khabarbaik movement to keep improving themselves

unifi announces #khabarbaik movement to keep improving themselves

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 30, 2019
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unifi has not exactly enjoyed that nice an image ever since the new government took over. Well, they weren’t exactly hallowed back then either, but the recent developments definitely shone unifi in a rather negative light. They definitely aim to change that, and hence the birth of the #khabarbaik movement.

The #khabarbaik movement is meant in a way that when unifi is mentioned, the comments will be on the positive side of things. No, this is not a totalitarian regime in the making. But rather unifi plans to improve themselves to a point where consumers are beyond satisfied with their services.

unifi announces #khabarbaik movement to keep improving themselves 26

To achieve this, they are working hard on upgrading the unifi packages to offer unifi turbo speeds. More than 91% of unifi subscribers are already enjoying the upgraded speeds, while more than 66% of Streamyx subscribers are enjoying unifi now, all without paying a single sen more. The upgrades are stipulated to be completed by March 2019.

At the same time, they have also added more choices to their unifi Mobile plans to satisfy everyone from “adik” to “nenek”. These packages were previously announced, but unifi believes it is in line with their #khabarbaik movement, as it gives virtually everyone a suitable plan for their usage patterns.

unifi announces #khabarbaik movement to keep improving themselves 27

In addition to that, there will be some goodies for everyone this Chinese New Year, such as complimentary data for unifi Mobile subscribers and also free channels on Dimsum. Last but not least, they treated everyone in attendance to a performance by Hujan!

unifi seems to have worked out how to improve their public image, and we look forward to seeing it in motion. What about you?

Pokdepinion: It’s always nice to see brands who are willing to reflect on their past transgressions and improve themselves. All the best unifi!

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