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Breathing New Life into Tech – Grid Studio’s Framed Artworks

Breathing New Life into Tech – Grid Studio’s Framed Artworks

by June 7, 2023

Wooden box finishing with glass cover on top of real physical gadgets dissected in to their innards. What more really can you ask?




RM50 - RM 5000 depending on how rare the hardware is


- Definitely a must have for every geek and gamer
- Very clean and neat arrangement of the hardware parts
- Beautiful graphics and info to complement the finishing
- Meticulously packaged, makes it a great item for gift purposes
- Bespoke options available


- You cant stop scrolling the catalog and not wanting to buy all of them!

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If you know a geek or gamer friend, this is probably the best gift you can buy for them. It's very easy to fall in love with these.

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Explore Grid Studio Artworks Now
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Never underestimate the beauty of technology, especially when it is repurposed into aesthetically captivating artwork. Recently, I stumbled upon a company called Grid Studio, a unique space where technology meets art. Grid Studio has pioneered a novel concept: they take phones and game console components, strip them down to their individual pieces, and transform them into stunning framed artworks suitable for wall mounting. It’s a blend of technical precision, artistic flair, and a dash of nostalgia.

Unearthing the Beauty of Technology with Grid Studio

Breathing New Life into Tech - Grid Studio's Framed Artworks 23



When I first perused Grid Studio’s offerings, I was taken aback. The lineup spans iPhones from 2G to Xr, Nintendo game consoles and controllers, as well as phones from Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry. What made this lineup stand out to me was that these weren’t just accurate replicas; these were actual devices, meticulously dissected and rearranged into an array of intriguing patterns.

My Personal Selection: Nokia 3310 and Gameboy Classic Frames

Intrigued, I took the leap and ordered two frames: the Nokia 3310 and a Gameboy Classic. The choice wasn’t random. The Nokia 3310 had an undeniable nostalgic charm, a throwback to the days when a phone’s durability outlasted its technology. The Gameboy Classic, on the other hand, was a nod to my childhood dreams, a time when this little gadget was the epitome of cool and the currency of playground bragging rights.

Explore Grid Studio Artworks Now
Use Coupon Code “pokde10off” to get 10% off on purchases over $100

Upon delivery, I unboxed the two frames, and let me tell you, they were nothing short of breathtaking. Both of the frames were boxed together with plenty of foam to protect them. I was worried if the frames would be broken during the transit but as soon as I received the box, I was convinced with the packaging.

The packaging itself was meticulously wrapped and sealed with wax – a touch that you rarely see nowadays. Unwrapping itself was an experience of its own.

The Nostalgic Allure of Grid Studio’s Nokia 3310 Frame

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The Nokia 3310 was laid out like a tech-inspired mosaic, each part neatly presented in all its glory. It was a trip down memory lane, an unexpected visit to a simpler time when Snake II was the only game we needed. Being able to capture the innards of this historical device that is still remembered to date is definitely worth it!

Reliving Childhood Dreams with Grid Studio’s Gameboy Classic Frame

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The Gameboy Classic was equally impressive. Each tiny component carefully displayed, transforming the beloved console into a testament of technological evolution and an ode to childhood dreams. Seeing these parts, each playing their role in the symphony of innovation and creativity that was the Gameboy, left me in awe of the intricacy of the gadget I once held in my young hands.

Techno Art On Your Wall

And therein lies the beauty of Grid Studio’s work. It’s not just about dissecting gadgets and framing them. It’s about telling a story, capturing the essence of these devices that were once such integral parts of our lives. The Nokia 3310 and Gameboy Classic aren’t just frames on my wall; they’re pieces of history, each component telling a story of human ingenuity and progress.

Nokia 3310 Frame by Grid Studio

The battery is removed and replaced for obvious reasons

The only part that is replaced with image and not using the actual component is the battery – for obvious reasons. The Nokia 3310 uses a printed battery while the Gameboy Classic was using AA batteries anyway. Grid Studio has notified that sometimes they also use fake or empty battery containers. All of this is subject to availability. I mean, the frames themselves are only available if they have the device at hand; a good condition device that is!

Need A Specific Hardware And It’s Not Available?

Yes, you heard that right! Grid Studio even does custom works. Say you want a specific hardware to be dissected but its not available on their website, you can ask them and they will scout hard until they find it. Need a corporate gift for your company’s products? Sure, reach out to them. The possibilities are endless really.

Get Custom Artworks Here
Use Coupon Code “pokde10off” to get 10% off on purchases over $100

Grid Studio Framed Artworks Verdict

Nokia 3310 Frame by Grid Studio

The captions are also neatly organized.

So, do I recommend Grid Studio? Absolutely. To all the tech geeks, gamers, and lovers of unique art out there, these frames are a testament to the beauty of technology and the memories we’ve created with these devices. Visit Grid Studio here and bring a piece of this beautifully crafted nostalgia to your own space. It’s more than just an aesthetic addition to your decor; it’s a conversation starter, a reminder of how far we’ve come, and an homage to the devices that paved the way.

So go ahead, visit Grid Studio. Let the tech of yesteryears find its new home on your wall, telling its story in silent beauty. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Explore Grid Studio Artworks Now
Use Coupon Code “pokde10off” to get 10% off on purchases over $100

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