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Get 50% off Roborock vacuum robots from 4th to 6th April!

Get 50% off Roborock vacuum robots from 4th to 6th April!

by Vyncent ChanApril 4, 2022
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Roborock is offering a huge promotion of up to 50% on their lineup of intelligent home robots this 4th April to 6th April 2022. These deals are available on Shopee and Lazada, so you can use any vouchers that you have collected on either platform. There’s also a flash sale happening later today that will see the newly launched Roborock S7 MaxV available for just RM3099.

Roborock 4.4 Sales sees 50% off on their latest vacuum robots!

Roborock S7 MaxV VibraRise

You get options across Roborock’s lineup of smart home robots, from the affordable Roborock S6 Pure at RM1599, all the way to the flagship Roborock S7 MaxV. The latter is an amazing vacuum robot, packing all the latest innovations that Roborock has to offer like ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance System, VibraRise technology and more to ensure that you have an effortlessly clean home at all times.

Roborock H7 (1)

To get down and dirty yourself to clean up your own mess, the Roborock H7 and Roborock Dyad are also available with massive discounts. During this promotion, you can get them for just RM1499 and RM1899, respectively, instead of their regular price of RM1699 and RM5999.

Model RRP 7.7 Sale
Roborock S7 MaxV RM6,799 RM3099
Roborock S7 RM2,399 RM2099
Roborock S7+ RM9,599 RM3899
Roborock DYAD RM5,999 RM1899
Roborock Auto Empty Dock RM2,399 RM2099
Roborock S6 MaxV RM2,299 RM1999
Roborock S5 Max (only white colour) RM1,699 RM1499
Roborock S6 Pure RM1,799 RM1599
Roborock H7 RM1,699 RM1499

Pokdepinion: The Roborock S7 MaxV definitely helps to take cleaning off your mind. Quite a worthwhile investment, if you ask me.

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