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No High-End AMD RDNA4 GPUs, Rumors Allege

No High-End AMD RDNA4 GPUs, Rumors Allege

by Low Boon ShenAugust 7, 2023
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No High-End AMD RDNA4 GPUs, Rumors Allege

No High-End AMD RDNA4 GPUs, Rumors Allege

Bad news if you’re expecting competition in the high-end GPU market (if rumors are to be believed): leaker @Kepler_L2 has claimed that AMD may not release high-end GPUs at all, in the upcoming RDNA4 (Radeon RX 8000) generation. This seemingly unusual move is also reiterated by other leakers, which means effectively – NVIDIA is set to have sole monopoly on the high end for the next generation, at least.

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Navi 41, the flagship-class silicon originally intended for the RDNA4 generation do exist at one point (with mentions as far back as exactly 3 years ago today); however, if the rumors turn out to be correct, it’s safe to say AMD has canned the plans to release it into the market. The leaker also mentions Team Red will likely turn back to their strategy in Polaris (RX 500 series) and RDNA1 generation (RX 5000 series), with the range-topping model, RX 5700 XT, competing on high-end but do not compete in the flagship class GPUs.

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With such bombshells, the situation is still foggy at best; given that no actual model numbers nor any changes in the roadmap has been mentioned so far. There’s other rumors that claim 3D V-Cache may see its way into RDNA3 GPUs, and even a mid-cycle “RDNA3.5” generation that may be featured in either desktop GPUs or integrated GPUs. As far as official information go, AMD does mention “sustained performance leadership” in the last roadmap when presenting RDNA4, so it remains to be seen if change of plans indeed has occurred since the last public roadmap.

Source: Videocardz

Pokdepinion: If this is true, it’s a bit worrying given the GPU pricing is starting to get out of control. (Remember when Intel was unchallenged for a few years before Ryzen happened?)

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