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Kingston NV2 Unveiled As Next-Gen Mainstream SSD Offering

Kingston NV2 Unveiled As Next-Gen Mainstream SSD Offering

by Low Boon ShenOctober 12, 2022
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Kingston NV2 Unveiled As Next-Gen Mainstream SSD Offering

Kingston today revealed the successor to its value-focused NV1 SSD, appropriately named NV2 – running on the PCIe 4.0 x4 protocol, this drive offers improved performance overs its predecessor.

Kingston NV2

The NV2 maintains compatibility across older PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 systems alike; the single-sided M.2 2280 form factor should avoid any clearance issues especially on ultrathin laptops. The NV2 range offers four capacities: starting from 250GB, with bigger ones including 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Kingston also offers their SSD Manager application to allow users monitor the drive’s health and usage, as well as updating firmware or erasing the data securely.

The specs for each capacities are as follows:

Capacity 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB
Form Factor & Protocol M.2 2280, PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe
Sequential Read 3,000MB/s 3,500MB/s
Sequential Write 1,300MB/s 2,100MB/s 2,800MB/s
TBW 80TB 160TB 320TB 640TB
MTBF 1,500,000 hours
Warranty Limited 3-year

Visit for more information.

Pokdepinion: The 2TB model in particular should be pretty good performance-wise, if you do need SSDs with that kind of capacity.

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