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Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 5GB limit for daily pass revealed

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 5GB limit for daily pass revealed

by Vyncent ChanJune 7, 2020
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When we see the word “unlimited”, we would assume that it would actually mean “no limits. Apparently Hotlink has a different definition for unlimited, as it, in fact, means limited to them. After multiple complaints from users about throttled internet, Hotlink revealed the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits for the new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited passes.

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited FUP Limit

The change was apparently added after the plans were announced for some time, and only after Hotlink users realized that their speeds were being throttled after 5GB of usage. The FUP limits are as follows:

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited FUP Limits:

  • Daily Pass: 5GB
  • Weekly Pass: 15GB
  • Monthly Pass: 50GB

Once you reach your FUP limits your internet speed will be throttled down to 512 kbps, which is abysmally slow in this day and age. With that said, most other providers throttle down speeds to around 128 kbps once you run out of quota, so while Hotlink isn’t entirely honest, the speeds you are getting once you hit your FUP limits with the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited passes are still quite reasonable.

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited Facebook comments

Hotlink isn’t off the hook just yet though as they actually actively denied the existence of a cap, instead claiming it to be a truly unlimited plan. However they began to reveal the FUP limit in later comments, before we stumbled upon the website that lists the FUP limit. Considering the uproar, I do believe that the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited FUP limits were made public just recently.

So, does throttled Internet speeds after a certain limit is hit, still count as unlimited Internet? Technically, you still get unlimited access to Internet, just not at the speeds you were expecting. What do you guys think?

Pokdepinion: Well, 5GB per day is easily finished if you are using it as your main Internet connection. With everyone working from home, an unlimited Internet plan seems like a godsend, before it is revealed to be actually limited.

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