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New WhatsApp Desktop App Doesn’t Require Your Smartphone Anymore

New WhatsApp Desktop App Doesn’t Require Your Smartphone Anymore

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 19, 2022
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New WhatsApp Desktop App Doesn’t Require Your Smartphone Anymore

New WhatsApp Desktop App Doesn't Require Your Smartphone Anymore

If you’ve linked up WhatsApp to your desktop through any means, I’m sure you’re aware that you need your smartphone to still have an active connection for it to work. With a recent new update, the desktop app can finally now work on its own.

The WhatsApp desktop app, which is currently only available on Windows PCs, is finally getting the much needed change as part of their goal of multi-device capabilities for the popular messaging platform. Previously, this feature was tested on tablets as well as other smartphones via Companion Mode.

To our understanding, it was previously not possible for the app to run on its own in other devices as the smartphone acts as an identity key. With multi-device support, each device that has your WhatsApp account on it will have their own identity key.

For now, the multi-device support is available on the WhatsApp desktop app, but no word yet on when it will be extended to tablets and other devices for now. We do know that they’re working on launching a desktop app for Mac users as well but we will report more more on this as soon as information becomes available.

You can download the new desktop app by clicking right here.


Pokdepinion: Took them long enough for them to launch this feature publicly. It certainly needs to speed up on the addition of new features if they want to stay competitive enough. After all, people nowadays are already making use of multiple similar apps so it’s a matter of time before people decide on one to primarily make use of.

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