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Maybank Secure2u Will Be Exclusive to MAE App Soon

Maybank Secure2u Will Be Exclusive to MAE App Soon

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 20, 2022
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It looks like Maybank will be permanently moving the Secure2u authentication process exclusively to the MAE app soon. This means those of you still on the M2U app will likely have to move away from it as well.

Time to Move to the MAE App for Secure2u Authentication

Maybank MAE eWallet Launched in Malaysia

According to the official Maybank website, the Secure2u authentication process will move away from the M2U app and will be available exclusively on the MAE app starting 26th September 2022.

If you’re already using it on the MAE app, things should continue working normally for you but you can always reactivate it on a different device if you wish. However, if you’re not using it and you want to continue using the feature, then you will need to migrate to the newer app as they recommend people to do so in their FAQ section.

Maybank Focuses Efforts to Replace M2U App With MAE

Starting 8th October 2022, you will have a 12-hour activation period for Secure2u so you won’t be able to make a quick transaction if you’re only activating it by then. The reason for this is to bolster security as to prevent unauthorized approvals, since it has taken over the SMS TAC method.


Pokdepinion: It’s a good move in my opinion since it does strengthen security to some degree. Sure, it can still happen but at least it won’t be immediate and there’s still time to take countermeasures.

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