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Touch ‘n Go Visa Card Reportedly Gearing Up for Launch

Touch ‘n Go Visa Card Reportedly Gearing Up for Launch

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 27, 2022
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It appears that the highly anticipated Touch ‘n Go Visa card is gearing up for launch as some details have popped up in the TnG eWallet Help Centre.

Touch ‘n Go Visa Cards Almost Ready?

Touch 'n Go Visa Card Reportedly Gearing Up for Launch

It appears that a number of questions pertaining the Touch ‘n Go Visa card on the TNG eWallet Help Centre, which suggests that the card might be launching very soon. Unfortunately, it seems like the page has been taken down for the time being as going to the URL will bring you to the login page instead.

It is known that the TNG eWallet app is connected to the Touch ‘n Go Visa card, as announced by the company last year. Users will also be provided with a virtual card that can be used for online transactions while waiting for the physical card to be delivered.

The physical card can be used to withdraw funds from TNG eWallet accounts at Visa-enabled ATMs in Malaysia and around the world, with a limit of five transactions per day. TNG has released a variety of products in 2022, including NFC-enabled cards, Christmas charms, the merchant-specific Soundbox, and the official launch of TNG RFID Fueling with Shell. It is unclear if the company will launch the TNG eWallet card before the end of the year.


Pokdepinion: Anything that can help me avoid going to shops and certain counters just to reload would be great. I’m sure many people, especially the ones that have yet to get the NFC card, would feel the same way.

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