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WhatsApp Now Allows You To Mute Videos Before Sending Them

WhatsApp Now Allows You To Mute Videos Before Sending Them

by Raja IdrisMarch 3, 2021
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WhatsApp has recently announced that Android users can now choose to mute the audio in videos before sharing them. This option can be done in both chat or by updating your Status.

Muting videos before sharing on WhatsApp

The announcement was revealed over at their official Twitter account where the feature is available for Android users. If you’re interested in using the feature, you can find an audio symbol at the top left corner when you’re about to upload or share videos on the app.

Once you’ve pressed it, you’ll find it to be muted and you can then send it without having any audio. In case you didn’t know, Status videos are limited to only 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you can choose to turn your content into a GIF, which in turn shortens it to less than 7 seconds, while also eliminating the audio. In addition to that, GIFs takes lesser space at the cost of resolution, so you have that to keep in mind.

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Pokdepinion: Sometimes the videos that you shoot seems perfect but the background noise just spoils it.. I guess it’s a nice addition to the app. I wonder if people will still be using the app once the new T&C comes in.

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