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WhatsApp Updated T&C Revealed — Here’s What You Should Know

WhatsApp Updated T&C Revealed — Here’s What You Should Know

by Raja IdrisMay 10, 2021
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Earlier in the year WhatsApp had announced that they will be releasing new terms and condition for users and it has since receive negative feedbacks from a lot of people. It got to the point that they decided to delay the release of the new terms. Now the company has revealed the latest information on the matter. If you’re wondering what will happen should you not agree to their conditions, well read on to find out more.

WhatsApp terms and conditions

WhatsApp terms and condition

Should you for some reason refuse to accept their new terms, you will continuously receive notifications where they ask you to do so (accept). It will go on for several weeks where WhatsApp will give you reminders.

Once that phase is gone and you still did not accept the conditions, the app will offer you limited functionality. In this period, you will not be able to check your chats. Should you get any messages, you can still open them and reply via your phone’s notifications. Calls, both normal and video are still viable during this time.

It seems that after a few weeks later on, you will then be refrained from receiving messages and calls. The company has not given any details on when exactly these events would happen but they have stated that they won’t be deleting user accounts.

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Pokdepinion: To be fair, everything can be tracked nowadays. So.. I guess it doesn’t make a difference if I accept it or not. Plus, the app is basically useless if you don’t accept the terms. I guess they’ve left us with no choice..

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