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ARM64EC to boost performance in Windows 11 on ARM

ARM64EC to boost performance in Windows 11 on ARM

by Vyncent ChanJune 29, 2021
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Windows 10 on ARM isn’t exactly a good experience, but it should get better in Windows 11, if more developers adopt the ARM64EC application binary interface (ABI). The EC in the name stands for “Emulation Compatible” as it allows developers to gradually transition their apps to run at native speed on ARM.

ARM64EC is interoperable with x64, allowing developers to “mix-and-match” x64 and ARM64EC code, without fully rebuilding an app for ARM. You can apparently recompile portions of your codebase and rebuild it as ARM64EC to allow it to run at native speed on ARM processors, while the rest of it runs as emulated x64.

This is supposed to offer developers the flexibility to gradually recompile apps to run better in Windows 11 on ARM, as they don’t have to do it all in one go. Projects that have dependencies that don’t support ARM can also be left as x64, while apps that have plugins can be be recompiled as ARM64EC, while still being able to use x64 plugins.

joi book sk3000 front

The JOI Book SK3000 runs Windows 10 on Arm.

As ARM64EC code can run natively on ARM processors without emulation, users stand to enjoy improved battery life and performance as ARMrun64EC is more widely adopted. Microsoft has already used ARM64EC in Windows 11 on ARM. You can already get started on ARM64EC with the latest Windows Insider SDK and Visual Studio Preview.


Pokdepinion: Many say ARM is the future, and I guess this will be helping it along?

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