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ChatGPT Gains “Memory”, Will Remember Things That You Say

ChatGPT Gains “Memory”, Will Remember Things That You Say

by Low Boon ShenFebruary 16, 2024
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ChatGPT Gains “Memory”, Will Remember Things That You Say

If you have been using ChatGPT lately, chances are you are aware that the AI chatbot doesn’t remember what you told it to do in the last conversation. With a new “Memory” feature, OpenAI is making the chatbot more human-like, by giving it the ability to remember things over time.

ChatGPT Gains "Memory", Will Remember Things That You Say

Much like humans, Memory will allow ChatGPT to keep track of things in two ways: one, the user explicitly tells the ChatGPT to keep something specific in mind (i.e. your age is 25); and two, by looking for details as the user conversate with the chatbot over time. This, of course, negates the need for the user to remind the chatbot what your past conversation was, which should make answers more personalized.

Naturally, giving a cloud-based large language model like ChatGPT the ability to remember things can go both ways. Through its custom GPT feature, this will allow third-party service providers to utilize the API for highly personalized experiences – say, making a grocery list with ingredients tailored for people with specific tastes – but this also poses a privacy concern that’s too hard to ignore.

With increased scrutiny over the use of personalized data on social media platforms, companies like Meta have taken a few legal hits over its lack of protection over user data, and the high-profile Cambridge Analytica scandal has proven that having a centralized collection of data is a privacy nightmare. The same applies to ChatGPT – on paper, it’s capable of acquiring even more sensitive data of its users than social media does, which can be anything from health profiles to classified information.

Knowing this, OpenAI says the chatbot is trained to not remember sensitive data like your health-related information. Users can manually remove the things the chatbot knows via Manage Memory section of the settings or simply tell the chatbot to wipe it off. There’s also a planned Temporary Chat feature that functions like your browser’s incognito mode, which allows for short-term memory on a single conversation.

Source: The Verge

Pokdepinion: AI is about to get real personal, for better or worse. 

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