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Google’s New Privacy Tools Amp Up Online Safety for Users

Google’s New Privacy Tools Amp Up Online Safety for Users

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 9, 2023
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Google is taking steps to enhance user privacy with a series of new features for its Search platform. These updates build upon previous efforts, dating back to September of last year, that allowed users to request the removal of sensitive information from search results.

New Google Privacy Tools to Help You Stay Safe Online

New Google Privacy Tools to Help You Stay Safe Online

The latest announcement from Google introduces a new dashboard that will provide users with insights into whether their contact information is visible in Search results. If contact information is found to be publicly available, users can promptly request its removal from others’ search results. Although the tool is not yet available, Google states that it will be rolled out “in the coming days.” Initially, the feature will be accessible in the United States, and its expansion to other regions remains to be seen.

To access the tool, users can open the Google app on their mobile devices, click on their account photo, and look for the “Results about you” section. Alternatively, they can visit a specific link through their web browser. However, please note that until the rollout reaches other regions, accessing the link outside of the United States will result in a 404 page.

Alongside this privacy dashboard, Google also announced changes to how explicit imagery is handled in Search results. Going forward, explicit images will be blurred by default when they appear in search results. This measure is part of the SafeSearch settings, which users can choose to turn off if they prefer unrestricted image visibility.

As the new features start rolling out, users around the world will undoubtedly be eager to see these privacy enhancements extend to their regions as well.


Pokdepinion: These privacy updates demonstrate Google’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding user information and providing greater control over personal data in its Search platform. By empowering users with the ability to manage their contact information and control the visibility of explicit imagery, Google aims to create a safer and more private search experience for its users. 

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