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YouTube Trials Redesigned UI On Web, And It’s Not Well-Received

YouTube Trials Redesigned UI On Web, And It’s Not Well-Received

by Low Boon ShenApril 16, 2024
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YouTube Trials Redesigned UI On Web, And It’s Not Well-Received

If by the off chance you ended up seeing a very different look when you’re watching YouTube on your PC today, you’re not alone – but you’re also a small part of the users elected by YouTube to test out its latest UI redesign. Below are the two examples shared by users on social media:

This could be the biggest redesign of the video player interface since YouTube was created. For nearly two decades, the recommended videos section has always occupied the right side of your screen. The new redesign relocates them directly below the player, and if you’re not in full-screen mode – the large, designed-to-grab-your-attention thumbnails will greatly distract you with a slit of colors at the bottom of the screen. (Editor’s note: I am unfortunate enough to bump into this UI once when using a guest session recently.)

As for the comments, description, and whatnot, everything has been relocated to the right side of the screen instead. The idea is that you can see more of the video information without scrolling – however, with how big the thumbnails get (it’s a recurring theme in modern UI designs) and sticking so close to the line of sight, it’s proven to be distracting and has been heavily criticized by users.

YouTube has clarified that this is an experiment and reiterated that users can send feedback or suggestions. While we don’t know when will the video-sharing platform be rolling out this redesign eventually, there may be good chances that some elements will be changed somewhat – assuming the company heeds the users’ advice.

Source: Android Authority

Pokdepinion: Such are modern UI redesigns – most of them suck.  

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