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Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

by Charlotte WuMay 19, 2022
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Acer today launched new eco-friendly Vero products, highlighting its goal of a more sustainable future by providing consumers, organizations, and institutions with more ways to lessen their environmental imprint. The new Vero laptops and AIO desktops, as well as monitors, projectors, and peripherals, contain PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic, OBP (Ocean-bound Plastic), and recyclable packaging.

Aspire Vero Laptops


Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022The Aspire Vero (AV14-51) has a 14-inch Full HD display and all of the environmental advantages of previous models, but it is powered by the newest 12th Gen Intel Core CPU. In addition to the iconic Cobblestone Grey, it is now available in the stunning Mariana Blue.

It’s built for creating and connecting, and it comes with plenty of connections, including a Thunderbolt 4 or USB Type-C and two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, one of which can be used to charge mobile devices even when the system is switched down.

The Aspire Vero (AV15-52) features a 15-inch Full HD display and, like the AV14-51, is powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs to handle the current productivity and entertainment software. It provides quick connectivity and can charge mobile devices when the laptop is turned off, thanks to two USB 3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports and a Thunderbolt 4 or USB Type-C port.

It’s available in both Starry Black and the classic Cobblestone Grey. A Full HD camera allows for high-quality videoconferencing to connect and collaborate.

The 14-inch and 15-inch Aspire Vero models both have OceanGlass trackpads created from ocean-bound plastic. Both new Aspire Vero chassis, like previous versions, use 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which is sturdy and rigid and saves 21% in carbon emissions.

The screen bezel of the laptop is made of 30% PCR plastic, and the keycaps are made of 50% PCR plastic, further lowering the computer’s footprint, while the chassis is not painted. To extend the lifespan, the bottom cover is simply removed with normal screws for replacing the RAM and SSD, making maintenance and upgrades simple.

The Acer Aspire Vero (AV14-51) 14″ laptop will be available in September 2022, with prices beginning at USD749.99, in Europe in August 2022, with prices beginning at EUR899, and in China in August 2022, with prices beginning at RMB4,999.

The Acer Aspire Vero (AV15-52) 15″ laptop will be available in the United States in September 2022, with prices beginning at USD749.99, in Europe in August 2022, with prices beginning at EUR999, and in China in August 2022, with prices beginning at RMB4,999.

Acer Veriton Vero All-In-One

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

The Veriton Vero all-in-one desktop computer (VVZ4694G) was designed for environmentally conscious enterprises, including work-from-home customers, who require powerful computing in a compact design.

It is sleek and stylish, with a 24-inch Full HD IPS display that supports wide viewing angles and an amazing 88% screen-to-body ratio thanks to the thin-bezel design. It may also be VESA wall-mounted to save even more workspace.

The Veriton Vero AIO is built of 30% post-consumer recycled material and comes with a keyboard and mouse made of PCR material. The packaging is 100% recyclable, and the screwless rear cover may be readily removed for upgrades or repairs to extend the lifecycle.

The Veriton Vero features the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPUs, NVIDIA GeForce MX550 GPUs, and up to 64 GB of dual-channel DDR4 3200 MHz memory, providing ample power to serve the newest entertainment and productivity software.

Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) provides a dependable connection for continuous communication, and the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C ports offer 20 Gbps high-speed data transfer for rapid downloads. Two M.2 SSDs allow for up to 2 TB of storage. BlueLightShield offers three levels of blue light filtering, with the highest decreasing up to 30% of blue light emissions to help protect the eyes.

The Veriton Vero comes with Windows Hello, which uses an IR scanner for facial recognition, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 for added protection. In addition, if another user attempts to view the screen, an inbuilt Tobii Aware smart sensor locks and blurs it. The integrated 5 MP webcam includes a shutter that closes to conceal sensitive data. This camera can be pointed at the user for video chats or at the room for group videoconferences to show a group rather than an individual.

The Acer Veriton Vero (VVZ4694G) AIO will be available in the United States in October 2022 for $799, and in Europe in July 2022 for EUR919.

Vero Monitors

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

The Vero IPS monitors, the 27-inch FHD Acer CB273, and the 23.8-inch FHD Acer B247Y G are made of 85% PCR plastic and 5% ocean-bound plastic (OBP).

The 27″ Acer CB273 has a Delta E1 rating and produces rich, realistic colours. The TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe-certified panel minimizes high-energy blue light to protect the eyes while keeping the colour integrity of the screen. The Acer CB273 also includes a KVM switch, which allows you to seamlessly switch between several computers while using the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This USB Type-C monitor can supply up to 90 W of electricity to devices.

The Acer Vero CB273 27″ monitor will be available in Q3 2022 for USD349.99 in the United States, EUR399 in Europe, and RMB2,499 in China.

The Acer Vero B247Y G 23.8″ monitor will be available in Q3 2022 in the United States starting at USD199.99, in EMEA starting at EUR269, and in China starting at RMB1,499.

Vero PD2325W Projector

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

The Acer Vero PD2325W is an energy-efficient projector with a minimal environmental effect that contains 50% PCR plastic in the chassis and 85% recycled paper packaging to reduce waste. Its LED light source has a 30,000-hour lifespan and saves nearly 50% of the energy used by standard mercury-containing lamp projectors. This not only makes it more environmentally friendly but also lowers the total ownership costs.

The projector displays presentations with clarity and precision thanks to its high contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, 2,200 lumens, and WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. It also has a 125% REC 709 wide colour range, which is 1.5 to 2 times greater than that of standard lamp-based projectors. The projector’s Auto Keystone Correction automatically corrects vertical distortions, and it may be installed on the ceiling. Furthermore, integrated BlueLightShield allows for blue light filter settings to decrease exposure.

The projector also includes an integrated 5 W speaker for displaying videos, music, and movies without the need for an external speaker. It also supports continuous use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Acer Vero PD2325W projector will be available in Q3 2022, with prices starting at USD559 in the United States, EUR549 in EMEA, and RMB3,799 in China.

Vero Mouse & Keyboard

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

The Vero Mouse and Keyboard are meant to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and noise. The outer covers of both peripherals are made of PCR plastic, while the bottom covers are constructed of OBP. An extended life cycle is essential for reducing waste where the mouse has an 18-month battery life and the Vero keyboard has a 5-million-click lifespan.

The Acer Vero keyboard and mouse combo will be available in the United States in November 2022, with prices beginning at USD79.99, in Europe in November 2022, with prices beginning at EUR69.99, and in China in October 2022, with prices beginning at RMB399.

The Acer Vero mouse will be available in the United States starting in November 2022 for $29.99, in Europe starting in November 2022 for EUR24.99, and in China starting in October 2022 for RMB199.

Acer Earthion

Acer Vero Products Announced at Next@Acer 2022

Earthion, Acer’s commitment to harness its capabilities, supply chain partners, customers, and employees to develop creative and integrated solutions to help tackle environmental concerns for a more sustainable future, inspired the Vero product selection. Acer’s RE100 commitment to source 100 percent renewable energy by 2035, more eco-friendly product designs and a reduction in Acer’s supply chain carbon footprint are among Earthion’s goals.

To learn more about Earthion, feel free to visit their website by clicking on the link here.

Pokdepinion: Acer’s green initiative is really impressive and they have my respect for trying to create sustainable and innovative technology for a better future.

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