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Sony A7S III German press release leaked — reveals an eye-watering ~RM20 919 price tag

Sony A7S III German press release leaked — reveals an eye-watering ~RM20 919 price tag

by Vyncent ChanJuly 28, 2020
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The Sony A7S III is probably one of the most hotly anticipated cameras. While Sony has refreshed pretty much their entire lineup, the Sony A7S II didn’t receive a successor, despite plenty of rumors. Well, it is launching later today, and a leaked press release revealed the price tag as well, along with the entire feature set.

As you might expect, the Sony A7S III has a focus on video capabilities and ridiculously high sensitivity. To that end, Sony will equip it with a 12MP BSI sensor that’s capable of ISO 409 600. This sensor allows it record at 4K at 120FPS, or a full-pixel readout at up to 4K60. The recording limit is one hour without fear of overheating.

FHD video recording will top out at 240FPS. The Sony A7S III can record 4:2:2 10-bit videos internally, with a data rate of up to 500Mbps. With an external recorder, you can record 16-bit 4K60 video. The S-Log 2/3 profile will allow for over 15-stops of dynamic range, which should allow content creators plenty of room to work with their footage.

Sony A7S III

The 12MP sensor of the Sony A7S III will have 759 PDAF points and 425 CDAF points, covering a whopping 92% of the image sensor. The autofocus will work even at EV -6, which is quite impressive. Another feature that Sony will be adding to the camera is a 360° swiveling display that should allow content creators more freedom than ever on a Sony A7 camera.

Sony A7S III Pricing

To support the high bit-rate recording, the Sony A7S III will require the new CFexpress Type A cards. Sony will be releasing two CFexpress Type A cards in September, with prices starting from €230 (~RM1146) for the 80GB capacity, along with a 160GB one for €440 (~RM2192). The Sony A7S III itself will be available in September for around €4200 (~RM20 919), which is a pretty huge pill to swallow. But I am sure those who can take full advantage of its capabilities will have no problem footing the bill.


Pokdepinion: So it seems that the Quad Bayer full-frame sensor wasn’t going to be featured in the Sony A7S III.

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