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“Scary Fast” Apple M3 event was shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max

“Scary Fast” Apple M3 event was shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max

by Super DaddyNovember 1, 2023
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In case you missed it, Apple’s latest event, “Scary Fast,” was nothing short of a technological spectacle, unveiling the highly anticipated MacBook Pro equipped with the formidable M3 family of chips, and the stunning 24-inch iMac powered by M3 as well. But what truly set this event apart was not just the innovative products introduced, but the unprecedented way in which it was presented to the world – entirely shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max!

"Scary Fast" Apple M3 event was shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max 25

Filming the keynote with multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices, the team utilised Blackmagic Camera, an iOS exclusive app, and Beastgrip accessories

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Defining Professional Videography

From the charismatic presenters to the diverse locations and the seamless drone footage, every frame of the event was captured using the advanced camera capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This was not just a product launch; it was a testament to the unparalleled video quality that Apple’s latest smartphone model can deliver. Apple invited us behind the scenes with an elite team of filmmakers to unravel how this visual masterpiece came to life. Interested viewers can catch a glimpse of this fascinating journey by watching the video below:

The iPhone 15 Pro and its larger counterpart, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, stand out as the ultimate tools for video creation, boasting the best video quality ever seen in a smartphone. With the new USB-C connector, these devices are unlocking professional workflows that were previously unthinkable on an iPhone. Creatives now have the freedom to capture ProRes video up to 4K at 60fps directly onto an external drive, enabling significantly longer recording sessions. The transfer speeds have witnessed a colossal boost, now up to 20 times faster, peaking at 10GBps with a compatible USB 3 cable.

But the innovation does not stop there. The iPhone 15 Pro models introduce Log encoding, paving the way for boundless creative flexibility during post-production. In a world-first, these smartphones are the pioneering devices to support the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), setting a new industry standard.

"Scary Fast" Apple M3 event was shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max 26

All of the presenters, locations, and even drone footage was captured on iPhone by an elite team of filmmakers.

Unleashing Creativity: Editing and Post-Production

The filming of the “Scary Fast” keynote was executed using multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices, showcasing the incredible capabilities of Apple’s latest smartphone. The production team made exclusive use of Blackmagic Camera, an iOS exclusive app, and complemented their setup with Beastgrip accessories, ensuring that every shot was captured with precision and clarity. The post-production phase saw the footage being expertly edited on a Mac, maintaining Apple’s ecosystem throughout the entire creative process.

This groundbreaking event stands as a powerful demonstration of Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation, not just in creating outstanding products, but also in how they present these innovations to the world. The MacBook Pro with M3, the 24-inch iMac with M3, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max have all set new benchmarks in their respective categories. But perhaps, the most exciting takeaway from this event is the glimpse it has given us into the future of content creation, with Apple once again leading the way.

Production Crew

Director, Brian Oakes (RadicalMedia)
Colorist, Stefan Sonnenfeld (CEO Company 3)
Lead Editor, Elizabeth Orson
VFX, Adam Watson (Executive Creative Director at Method Studios)
Advisors, Jon Carr and Jeff Wozniak (Apple Pro Workflow Team)

Pokdepinion: This is walking the talk. Apple always define their products as “magical” but this is the entire stage. Prove me wrong when I say this, but no other company is capable of doing keynotes as engaging as Apple for years. Apple not only showcased the device’s phenomenal capabilities but also embodied the essence of innovation and excellence. It’s a bold move that demonstrates their confidence in their products and sets a high bar for what smartphones, and indeed, all technology, should be able to achieve.

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