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Chinese Students Are Suing Apple For This Simple Reason

Chinese Students Are Suing Apple For This Simple Reason

by Raja IdrisOctober 28, 2021
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Over in China, five students are taking action on Apple. The reason? It’s simply because they didn’t get any charger with their iPhone 12.

Student suing Apple for lack of charger

Chinese students sue Apple chargerAs you might have probably known by now, Apple has stopped including charger with iPhone since last year, where they’ve instead packed a USB-C Lightning cable instead. Their decision was based on the aim of reducing carbon emission and preserving mother nature’s materials.

Of course, their decision has split views from everyone. In the case for the students, one of them were frustrated with the lack of charger where the student, who goes by the name Xiaofang, said that since Apple provided a USB-C to Lightning cable, it won’t work with the wall chargers that Apple has provided previously.

This would mean that they’d have to buy a new one for themselves. Xiaofang and the rest took Apple to the Beijing Internet Court, where they’ve demanded that Apple provide a wall charger, as well as pay 100 yuan (~RM64) for breach of contract and for litigation fees.

The case is said to be still in progress and has since went viral on Weibo, where students from China has shown their support in demanding Apple to provide chargers back again (right out of the box).

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Pokdepinion: While I do think that Apple should let customers have the option to have chargers included or not, I’d think that people would ask for it anyways. It’ll be interesting to see if the students will succeed or not with their case. Let’s see what happens.

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