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HONOR Unveils Industry’s 1st Silicon-Carbon Battery for Smartphones

HONOR Unveils Industry’s 1st Silicon-Carbon Battery for Smartphones

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 2, 2023
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HONOR is making strides in smartphone technology evolution with their first silicon-carbon battery, bringing higher energy density than lithium batteries.

HONOR Silicon-Carbon Battery

HONOR Unveils Industry's 1st Silicon-Carbon Battery for Smartphones

In a world where smartphone technologies are advancing rapidly, battery capacity has been a slow area of development – until now. HONOR, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently revealed a solution to this issue – the industry’s first silicon-carbon battery. This battery boasts a 12.8% higher energy density compared to the standard lithium batteries, which use graphite for one of the electrodes (the anode).

The HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone, for instance, has a standard 5,100mAh battery, but if it used the new silicon-carbon battery instead, it would have a capacity of 5,450mAh. CEO George Zhao briefly explained the benefits of the new battery, showcasing a couple of charts that demonstrate why it is superior. A standard lithium battery tends to lose much of its capacity once its voltage drops to 3.5 volts. In comparison, the silicon-carbon battery has 240% more capacity left at 3.5V than the standard battery, leading to an overall improvement of 12.8%.

HONOR Unveils Industry's 1st Silicon-Carbon Battery for Smartphones

Interestingly, the HONOR Magic5 Pro in China is listed as having a 5,450mAh battery, suggesting that the new battery technology is already being used. However, the international model is launching with a standard 5,100mAh battery, so it’s unclear if the Chinese model indeed features the silicon-carbon battery. Regardless, this development is an exciting step forward in smartphone battery technology, and it remains to be seen how it will shape the future of smartphones.


Pokdepinion: Anything that helps any gadget, especially a smartphone, last longer is always a great step forward. I’m hoping for the next couple of years, we’ll see a bigger focus on energy efficiency rather than performance.

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