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How to Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Overheating

How to Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Overheating

by Aiman MaulanaApril 26, 2022
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How to Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Overheating 20

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a powerful chip that is unfortunately known to run rather hot at times. While the included vapor chamber cooling system does a good job of keeping thermals down, it’s still up to you to make the best out of it. Here are some helpful tips to prevent the flagship smartphone from overheating.

1. Audit Your Apps

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Most people would have a good number of apps installed but only end up using a handful at consistently. You should periodically audit the apps that you are using and manage them accordingly as they may end up running in the background which will take up precious resources and thus, make your device heat up more than it should.

For apps that you use once in a blue moon, you can just put them to sleep so it will not activate unnecessarily. As for the ones you never end up using, just uninstall them. It’s not limited just that however as apps you frequently use should be updated to the latest version to ensure maximum efficiency.

2. Check Your Settings

How to Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Overheating

There are a number of options you can consider toggling to optimize the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. For starters, it would be ideal to not run it in Optimized instead of High Performance for the Power Mode setting. With the former, it will run tasks with the needed power to still ensure a smooth experience whereas the latter will see more power being used, which results in more heat and subsequently reduce battery life.

Next thing you can do is to reduce the display resolution, at least to an acceptable level. You can go from 1440p all the way down to HD+ but for the sake of clarity while still focusing on efficiency, Full HD+ would be ideal. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference since you would need a much larger display to make it look more obvious. Reducing brightness can also help a bit but for refresh rate, just stick to adaptive since it can go all the way down to 1Hz if it needs to.

3. Get a Phone Case That Can Help Cool It Down

How to Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Overheating

While phone cases are typically used to protect the device, it can also make a difference in the thermals. If you’re looking for a new phone case, might as well find one that can help dissipate heat better. The idea here is similar to adding a heatsink to PC components, giving it an extra place for heat to transfer for improved heat dissipation. Given the sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it adds to the viability of this solution.

A metallic case may come to mind, and it could work well in this regard but it may cause some level of discomfort depending on how hot it gets. One material that works great and is easily accessible as a phone case is leather as it’s a naturally porous material. Just make sure it’s real leather and not those fake ones. You could also opt for a case that is compatible with a phone cooler, or just opt for the cooler itself for maximum effect.

4. Take a Break

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No matter how well you optimize a device, it’s bound to generate more heat the longer you use it. This is more of a reminder than anything else that you should take a break from using it. Whether you’re playing mobile games, using the camera, and browsing social media, remember to put down the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and enjoy life around you as well. Additionally, reduce the screen timeout setting to a lower, acceptable amount. Your battery life will thank you.

5. Charging Etiquette

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For those of you who aren’t aware that charging will inevitably cause your smartphone to heat up, congratulations as you’ve been practicing the tip that we’re about to share, at least subconsciously. Simply put, do not use the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra while it is charging. Doing so will result in more heat than usual which can cause a drop in performance as well as the lifespan of the internal components, most notably the battery.

The faster the charging, the more heat it can generate, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can support 25W fast charging and 45W super fast charging. If you want it to be charged as fast as possible, nothing wrong with using the latter but if you absolutely must charge it while using it such as an important conference call with low battery, disable fast charging for a better overall experience. Ideally, let the phone cool down for a bit after you’re done charging.

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