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Samsung Galaxy S24 / S24+ and S25 / S25+ to Retain Proven ISOCELL GN3 Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S24 / S24+ and S25 / S25+ to Retain Proven ISOCELL GN3 Camera Sensor

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 28, 2023
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Samsung enthusiasts can expect a familiar sight in the camera department of the upcoming Galaxy S24/S24+ and S25/S25+ models, as reports suggest that Samsung will continue utilizing the proven ISOCELL GN3 sensor. This move dispels earlier speculations about a potential shift to a Sony-made sensor for the Galaxy S25/S25+. Let’s delve into the details of this camera sensor and what it means for the upcoming flagship smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 / S24+ and S25 / S25+ Expected to Maintain Same Camera Sensor

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The ISOCELL GN3 sensor, previously featured in the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy S23/S23+, has garnered praise for its capabilities. Sporting a 50MP resolution with a 1/1.56-inch optical format and 1.0µm pre-binned pixels, this sensor strikes a balance between pixel size and resolution. The GN3 replaced its predecessor, the GN5, which was part of the Galaxy S22 series.

While the 50MP sensor remains a robust choice, Samsung has the opportunity to elevate the camera experience further by upgrading optics, lenses, and leveraging faster and more sophisticated image processors in the newer chipsets. The combination of a trusted sensor with advancements in other components can result in improved overall imaging performance.

Opting to continue with the ISOCELL GN3 sensor provides Samsung with several advantages. The use of a proven component ensures more consistent image processing, contributing to a reliable and familiar camera performance across different models. Additionally, sticking with a familiar sensor simplifies production and manufacturing processes, streamlining the overall smartphone assembly. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the official unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series.


Pokdepinion: As the camera sensor plays a pivotal role in shaping the photography capabilities of smartphones, Samsung’s decision to retain the ISOCELL GN3 for the Galaxy S24/S24+ and S25/S25+ indicates a commitment to delivering a reliable and high-quality imaging experience. While the sensor may remain the same, users can anticipate refinements in other camera-related components to ensure these upcoming flagships continue the legacy of impressive camera performance.

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