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vivo foldable smartphone patent shows a very interesting stylus stowage

vivo foldable smartphone patent shows a very interesting stylus stowage

by Vyncent ChanDecember 22, 2020
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If you have a particular knack for literally writing on your smartphone, you have very limited choices today. You would probably be forced to get the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. But the next vivo foldable phone might be an alternative, if you go by their latest patent. And it also goes about solving the age old issue of making room for the stylus with a rather interesting stowage for the stylus.

vivo foldable smartphone stylus patent

The vivo foldable smartphone is supposed to store the stylus in the most fragile area of the foldable screen: at the hinge. While it does help to increase the radius of the fold, having the screen press up against hard surfaces on both ends doesn’t sound that great. But hey, that’s a challenge for the engineers to solve.

While current-gen foldable displays might not really endure the prodding of a stylus too well, it seems that vivo is counting on a future solution that’s more durable. The stylus itself is also supposed to have a soft rubbery material as its tip to prevent damaging the soft foldable display. Overall, it does seem quite interesting, as the size of the larger foldable display is really quite the ideal canvas for some serious penmanship.

vivo foldable smartphone stylus render

The patent has been filed with the World Intellectual Property Office in February this year, so it means that vivo has been working on it for quite some time. But as usual, patents don’t always turn into marketable products as they might not be financially or practically feasible to mass produce, but we do have our fingers crossed that vivo actually manages to pull off a foldable phone with a stylus!


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