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TABAH NSEA Wins Bronze for Malaysia in the Hanoi SEA Games PUBG MOBILE Event

TABAH NSEA Wins Bronze for Malaysia in the Hanoi SEA Games PUBG MOBILE Event

by Charlotte WuMay 25, 2022
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TABAH NSEA, Malaysia’s PUBG MOBILE team, staged a spectacular comeback in their final match at the Hanoi SEA Games, taking Bronze by a single point. This is a milestone for Malaysia because it is the first time PUBG MOBILE has been awarded a medal in the SEA Games.

TABAH NSEA Wins Bronze for Malaysia in the Hanoi SEA Games PUBG MOBILE Event

TABAH NSEA Wins Bronze for Malaysia in the Hanoi SEA Games PUBG MOBILE Event

Despite starting the last day in eighth place, they showed determination and continued to strive for the best in their final match. Their efforts were rewarded when they won a Chicken Dinner and secured a spot on the podium. With their superb collaboration and perfect skill, the team, comprised of:

  • MAS1Franky (Mohamad Amizul Hafiz Bin Mohd Fadzli)
  • MAS1Magix (Muhammad Irfan Jafni Bin Mohamad)
  • MAS1Flax0P (Muhammad Farish Husaini Bin Zailani)
  • MAS1XRushNN1 (Muhammad Faiz Aiman Baharuddin Bin Abdullah)
  • MAS1Aduka (Muhammad Aduka Ikmal Bin Nor Azmi)
  • MAS1Jumper (Muhamad Izzrudin Hashim)

won the Bronze Medal with a final total score of 148 points and two Chicken Dinners.

Adil Hisham, Marketing Manager for PUBG MOBILE Malaysia congratulated TABAH NSEA for winning a Bronze medal for Malaysia in the PUBG MOBILE event at the Hanoi SEA Games 2022. He also stated that they are really proud of the team’s accomplishment and for representing Malaysia at such a prestigious sporting event, especially since PUBG MOBILE is a medal event at the SEA Games for the first time.

Adil Hisham acknowledged that Malaysia’s PUBG MOBILE national athletes have also performed admirably for the country, and they are equally proud of them. They are excited to see more Malaysian Esports athletes exhibiting their world-class abilities while competing for Malaysia on the global stage.

GEEK FAM, which was also representing Malaysia, ended in 7th place, scoring one Chicken Dinner and a total of 120 points throughout the event. Their team comprised of:

  • MAS2DamRUDE (Mohd Irzam Aman Bin Mohd Zaini)
  • MAS2Qb (Ahmad Syafiq Imran Bin Mohamad)
  • Snipes (Mohamad Nabil Bin Nazaruddin)
  • MAS2uHigh (Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq)
  • MAS2SONiXs (Nadzrul Bin Abdul Sagal)

Additionally, two Malaysian athletes finished in the top ten in the solo category, with JUMPER (Muhamad Izzrudin Hashim) placing sixth with 87 points and UHIGH (Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq Muhammad Aras) placing tenth with 78 points.

XRUSH (Muhamad Faiz Aiman Baharuddin) finished 20th with 61 points, FRANKY (Mohamad Amizul Hafiz Mohd Fadzli) finished 26th with 59 points, DAMRUDE (Mohd Irzam Mohd Zaini) finished 32nd with 51 points, and SNIPES (Muhamad Nabil Nazaruddin) finished 45th with 31 points.

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Pokdepinion: Congrats to TABAH NSEA and congrats to all Malaysian players for making our nation proud! 

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