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Gabe Newell Gives His Take On Steam Deck’s Possible Price Increase

Gabe Newell Gives His Take On Steam Deck’s Possible Price Increase

by Raja IdrisFebruary 28, 2022
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The Steam Deck was rolled out just recently and there has been concerns that Valve would decide to increase the prices for the handheld PC in the future. Valve’s very own Gabe Newell has given his views on the matter.

Steam Deck to increase in price?

steam deck controlsGabe has said in a recent interview that the company wouldn’t be increasing the price of the PC console, where he has said that the current price of it as fixed where he has said “I mean, part of what you do with pricing is you’re making a promise to customers”.

That being said, he then added that they would welcome new versions of the Steam Deck where they could introduce new and more powerful versions of it. “That’s the great thing about the PC market. Like a year from now, AMD is going to have better parts, right? A year from now, all the component suppliers are going to either expand capacity, expand performance, or reduce costs. So we’re absolutely going to ride that as hard as we can” he adds.

So it’s safe to say that the current gen Steam Deck will maintain their prices, according to what he has said. In case you’ve missed the news, you can already pre-order Steam Deck here in Malaysia. For more on the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews, stay tuned to Pokde.net.


Pokdepinion: I guess it does makes sense for them to increase the price should there be better hardware in the console. Everyone’s been doing it anyways.

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