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Overwatch 2 Director Is Acknowledging His Game’s ‘Bad’ Matchmaking

Overwatch 2 Director Is Acknowledging His Game’s ‘Bad’ Matchmaking

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 13, 2023
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The game director of Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller, has taken responsibility for the ‘bad’ matchmaking in the game and has shared the team’s plans to fix it. Read on to learn more about the discrepancies in player skill levels, how the matchmaking tool works, and the recent Mid-Season patch that promises to alleviate some of these problems.

Overwatch 2 Game Director Addresses Matchmaking Shortcomings

Overwatch 2 Has Aim Assist for Both PC and Console Gamers

Overwatch 2, the highly popular multiplayer online first-person shooter game, has been facing issues with its matchmaking system. In a recent post on their official News section of Blizzard’s website, game director Aaron Keller acknowledged the problem and promised that the team was taking steps to rectify it.

Keller took responsibility for the matchmaking shortcomings and shared the team’s plans to fix what’s wrong. He noted that the current matchmaking system’s big problem is the discrepancy in player skill levels on opposite sides of the field. According to Keller, half of the matches played had a skill-level discrepancy of four to five matchmaking rating divisions, while the worst 1% of the matches had a discrepancy of up to 10 divisions.

Overwatch 2 Has Aim Assist for Both PC and Console Gamers

To address this issue, the matchmaking tool used in the game will try to pair players with a similar matchmaking rating. However, other factors such as queue lengths can influence the system and lead to larger discrepancies in skill level. Sometimes the system will allow larger skill discrepancies between the two sides of a battle to cut down wait times, which further complicates the issue.

“In Season 3, we changed how our matchmaker expands over time, but removed some of our control over per queue behavior,” Keller explained. “This meant that if we wanted to reduce the size of skill differences in Competitive, we had to do the same thing in Unranked and Arcade.”

Overwatch 2 Director Is Acknowledging His Game's 'Bad' Matchmaking 26

The recent Mid-Season patch that was released earlier this week aimed to address some of these issues. The patch will give the development team back some of the control over matchmaking that it gave up at the Season 3 launch, as well as being better able to put together parties based on similar delta ratings. This should have the twofold effect of pairing players with more balanced opponents while decreasing queue times. Keller promises similar matchmaking updates will be coming in Season 4.

While the matchmaking issues have caused frustration among players, Keller’s transparent approach and commitment to fixing the problem has been well-received. The game’s community is hopeful that these changes will improve the matchmaking experience and make the game more enjoyable for all players.


Pokdepinion: Bad matchmaking is one issue but having to wait excessively long for games is also another issue. It’s funny how I could find a game in Valorant within the first 10 seconds for the most part but this game takes 3-5 minutes. Sometimes the actual game itself doesn’t last nowhere near as long as looking for a game, which is even worse. If it doesn’t get better anytime soon, I foresee a lot of people jumping over to other games.

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