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Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge: Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed

Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge: Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed

by Low Boon ShenMarch 19, 2024
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Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge: Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed

With the rumors and leaks still quite fresh from the oven, Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming is back with even more leaks about Sony’s upcoming console. In case you missed them – here’s part one (PSSR) and part two (launch date) of the leaks – all confirmed by the renowned PlayStation leaker.

Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge, Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed

In two separate articles, Tom Henderson has put forth further details on the PS5 Pro’s hardware and PSSR upscaling targets. Starting with the hardware, we’ve compiled a table for a quick comparison between the original PS5 and the upcoming PS5 Pro:

PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 Pro Performance Uplift%
CPU 8-core AMD Zen2 @ 3.5GHz 8-core AMD Zen2 @ 3.85GHz
(via High CPU Frequency Mode)
+10% clock speed
System RAM 16GB GDDR6 @ 14Gbps (448GB/s) 16GB GDDR6 @ 18Gbps (576GB/s) +28% bandwidth
Audio Audio Compute Voice (ACV) signal processing ACV with higher clock speed +35% on ACM library
GPU – 18 AMD RDNA2 WGPs (36 CUs)
– BVH4 RT support
– Checkerboard rendering-based upscaling
– 30 AMD RDNA3 WGPs (60 CUs)
– BVH8 RT support (RDNA4-based)
– PSSR upscaling
– 33.5 TFLOPS
– 300 TOPS (8-bit) / 67 TFLOPS (FP16) AI accelerator
+45% raster
+200-400% RT
Storage 825GB (original)
1TB (refresh)

Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge: Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed 24

Aside from numbers, there are a few technical terms that we can go through and see what each of them does. First, instead of the simple clock speed upgrade, the PS5 Pro involves the so-called High CPU Frequency Mode – when active, it allocates extra power to the CPU in exchange for 1.5% lower GPU clocks. This results in “roughly 1% lower GPU performance,” which should be easily compensated if the game is CPU-heavy in nature.

For the RAM, while the capacity remains unchanged, Tom Henderson alleges that improvements in memory efficiency may help boost the effective bandwidth of the new 18Gbps memory packages. The audio upgrades, meanwhile, should result in more processing power for convolution reverb effects, as well as FFT/IFFTs (FFT stands for Fast Fourier Transform, so we assume this means more audio streams can be processed simultaneously).

Information on the GPU has been largely covered via the earlier leak, though the leaker has something to add here as well. Borrowing some of the features from AMD’s next-gen RDNA4 architecture, the custom RDNA3 GPU will feature BVH8 traversal shaders as opposed to BVH4 – in regular English, this usually means more processing is done per clock cycle, resulting in greater ray tracing performance.

It is also noted that the PS5 Pro will use a similar detachable disc drive design akin to the PS5 refresh, and like the refreshed model, it’ll offer 1TB of storage space. Tom Henderson describes this as Sony intending it “as a means to make the PlayStation 5 Pro as ‘competitive’ as possible.”

Even More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge: Hardware Upgrades & PSSR Upscaling Targets Detailed 25

Aside from hardware, more details on the PSSR have been revealed by the outlet from anonymous sources. In a test using an undisclosed first-party game, the standard PS5 targets two resolutions/refresh rates depending on which graphics mode is selected, which are 1080p 60FPS (Performance) and 1800p 30FPS (Fidelity) respectively. For PS5 Pro, it’ll target 1440p 60FPS with PSSR enabled, though only a single resolution has been tested on this model.

The document also touches on Sony’s ambitions with the upscaling technology, targeting 4K 120FPS or even 8K 60FPS in “future console iterations.” It’s made clear that PS5 Pro is not designed to target these resolutions – however, it’s targeting 4K 60FPS and 8K 30FPS support at its current state, given the graphics computational power provided.

PS5 Pro is currently said to be targeting Holiday 2024 release – however, Sony has yet to officially confirm the existence of the new console so far.

Pokdepinion: That is a lot of information in just a few short days. At this rate, it may end up being a courtesy by the time the launch date approaches. 

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