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Win a PS5 via “Treat Codes”, Sony’s Treasure Hunt

Win a PS5 via “Treat Codes”, Sony’s Treasure Hunt

by Skye NgFebruary 17, 2022
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Today, Sony announces a contest that allows fellow gamers to win a PS5 console, just by looking for Treat Codes peppered all over the globe online.

Gamers will need to look for a series of 14 codes that will appear online on social media channels and in unexpected places around the world, like high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film and music. Each code found is an opportunity to enter the contest and the possibility of winning a PS5 console, which means that finding every code will provide you 14 individual opportunities to enter the contest.

Win a PS5 via “Treat Codes”, Sony's Treasure Hunt

Image Credit: PlayStation

How to enter and win a PS5?

  1. Find a code. They resemble PlayStation controller inputs.
  2. Sign up on Do read the official rules for the contest.
  3. Enter the code at the Treat Codes page.
  4. Compete with fellow gamers to win by answering a question!

Keep a lookout over the next few weeks. No purchase is necessary for players to enter and win, however, not every code will be available at once. The more codes you find, the more opportunities you will have to enter and win.

The contest ends 10AM PST on March 7th, which translates to 2AM Malaysia time (GMT+8) on March 8th so you have until then to stand a chance at a free PS5 console. To start off, you can look out for channels that are streaming PlayStation titles sometime this week. 


Pokdepinion: Sony really said, let’s reward our gamers with a free PS5 but hey, here’s a treasure hunt, have fun! 

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