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[E3 2021] Mario Party Superstars Announced

[E3 2021] Mario Party Superstars Announced

by Aiman MaulanaJune 16, 2021
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[E3 2021] Mario Party Superstars Trailer

At E3 2021, Nintendo confirmed that there will be a new Mario Party game coming to the Nintendo Switch and it’s called Mario Party Superstars. On top of that, we’re also getting WarioWare: Get It Together as well.

Mario Party Superstars will consist of boards from the Nintendo 64 game and mini-games from both the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube Mario Party games. Nintendo also noted that the mini-games can be played via online multiplayer and can use regular controllers instead of exclusively making using of Joy-Cons or the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

As for WarioWare: Get It Together, it will have over 200 minigames and a dedicated story mode. You can play the game alone solo or with friends via local wireless co-op. This game will be coming on 10th September 2021. Mario Party Super on the other hand will be coming slightly later, on 29th October 2021 instead.


Pokdepinion: Good thing it can be played online with friends as I don’t think I would be having local Switch gatherings anytime soon. I can already foresee the amount of rage the game is gonna produce.

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