[E3 2021] Metroid Dread is a New 2D Metroid Game for Nintendo Switch

Aiman Maulana
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[E3 2021] Metroid Dread is a New 2D Metroid Game for Nintendo Switch

[E3 2021] Metroid Dread Trailer

Gamers have been wanting a new Metroid game for a while and now, we’re finally getting that. It will be the sequel to Metroid Fusion from 2002, and it’s Metroid Dread.

We get short trailer featuring Samus Aran fighting against a giant robot powered by my idea of nightmare fuel as it chases her around the map. It plays similarly to the classic Metroid games, where it’s a 2D platformer but this time with better 3D visuals.

They showed off Samus with a number of interesting abilities, such as sliding through small openings, using the Phantom Cloak to avoid detection, and the Spider Magnet which will let her climb up certain walls and ceilings.

While this has been announced, many are still wondering on the fate of Metroid Prime 4 that was revealed four years ago. It appears that Nintendo is still working on the game so we most likely won’t see it anytime soon, especially since development restarted in 2019.

Metroid Dread will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on 8th October 2021.


Pokdepinion: For a moment, I thought of Mega Man when I saw the game but then I was reminded shortly after that the original Metroid games had a similar format as well. In a sense, they’re just going back to their roots, and I personally like it.

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