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Touch ‘n Go eWallet Users Can Now Pay Cashless In More Singapore Merchants

Touch ‘n Go eWallet Users Can Now Pay Cashless In More Singapore Merchants

by Low Boon ShenApril 17, 2023
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Touch ‘n Go eWallet Users Can Now Pay Cashless In More Singapore Merchants

The new DuitNow-NETS partnership enables Malaysian citizens to pay in Singapore just as they do in Malaysia.

Touch 'n Go eWallet

Since 2022, Touch ‘n Go eWallet users in Singapore can pay through Alipay+ payment channel, and now NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers) is joining the supported payment list to allow even more stores to enable seamless cashless payments. This meant over 130,000 touchpoints are now available across Singapore.

To pay using TnG eWallet, users simply need to look for NETS QR via NETS payment terminal or SGQR, which is commonly used in local hawker centers in the island. Live currency exchange rates will be displayed before each payments, as users can pay using local currency (MYR).

Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd said, “This new seamless and secure transaction feature further expands our eWallet ecosystem. As a company that emphasises addressing customers’ needs, we are excited that this feature broadens cashless payment acceptance for our users. Today, Malaysians travelling to Singapore can have peace of mind as they enjoy the convenience of making cashless payments, knowing the foreign exchange rate upfront, and tracking their expenses instantly”.

“The same convenient features are also extended to users with the Touch ‘n Go Visa card, the first numberless card in Malaysia. With this card acting as a complementary payment channel to the eWallet, users will be able to make payments even at merchants that only accept cards”, Ni added.

“We are also excited to welcome visitors from Singapore to Malaysia to enjoy the seamless convenience of using their respective eWallets to make payments at more than 1.5 million merchant touchpoints nationwide by scanning the DuitNow QR code. This cross-border payment feature will not only help to support the tourism industry but also increase economic activity among the small and medium-sized retail businesses supported by Touch ‘n Go eWallet.”

Pokdepinion: Good news for Johoreans especially – you can now access more merchants with just a single app.

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