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HUAWEI now offers a two-year warranty on their latest devices

HUAWEI now offers a two-year warranty on their latest devices

by Vyncent ChanJuly 1, 2019
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1 year warranties are the industry standard when it comes to smartphones. It covers the essentials, but very few phones actually fail within the first year of use. Most phones begin to fail in the second year, that’s when the screen may begin to get ghost touches, or batteries begin to retain significantly less charge. Or the device just suddenly stops working. With a one-year warranty, you are out of luck. That’s what makes a 2-year warranty all the more important.

HUAWEI now offers a two-year warranty on their latest devices 19

Smartphone nowadays can be costlier to repair than to replace…

Several brands offer you the option to extend the warranty at an additional cost, but HUAWEI is now offering two-year warranty program for FREE. This extended warranty is applied to selected HUAWEI devices purchased from now until 30th September 2019. You can find out more about HUAWEI’s Two Years Warranty Program here.

The two year warranty program covers these selected HUAWEI devices:

The additional warranty definitely adds peace of mind. Every time our phone doesn’t work properly, the first thing that comes to mind is whether we still have warranty. And as we have mentioned, most devices only start acting up in their second year of service. All you need to do to claim your extended warranty

Adding on to that is the fact that repairs aren’t cheap. How many times have we brought an out-of-warranty phone to the service center, only to be told that getting a new phone would be a more cost effective option? But to get a new phone isn’t cheap. Speaking of cheap…

HUAWEI now offers a two-year warranty on their latest devices 20

At RM2299, it is a great buy!

HUAWEI is now offering up to RM400 rebates on their latest HUAWEI P30 smartphones!

  • HUAWEI P30: RM2299 (SRP: RM2699)
  • HUAWEI P30 Pro (8GB + 256GB): RM3399 (SRP: RM3699)
  • HUAWEI nova 3i: RM799 (SRP: RM899)

In addition to getting to enjoy a longer two-year warranty period and also discounted prices, if you get a HUAWEI device now, you will be getting access to various HUAWEI-exclusives like HUAWEI VIP services as well as photography workshops to improve your photography skills,  and the annual HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Photography contests.

With the new two-year warranty period for the HUAWEI P30 series, Mate 20 series, nova 4 series and nova 3i, discounts on the HUAWEI P30 series and nova 3i, as well as the EMUI 9.1 upgrades rolling out, this is probably the best time to get a new HUAWEI smartphone. You can check out more of HUAWEI’s deals at this link here. HUAWEI will be running an Online IT Fair on the HUAWEI Official Online Store from now until 8th July, with different promos each day, so do check it out daily!

Pokdepinion: A 2-year warranty is definitely cool. I hope HUAWEI can continue this practice after the promotional period is over!

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