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New 6.1″ iPhone to be priced at $700 — expected to sell like hotcakes!

New 6.1″ iPhone to be priced at $700 — expected to sell like hotcakes!

by Vyncent ChanJuly 6, 2018
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If we were to pick only one thing that we don’t like about iPhones, it’s probably their price tags. The iPhone X cost an eye-watering $999 when it was launched, marking a new benchmark for smartphone pricing. This year, Apple is expected to launch three iPhones that feature the notch and slim bezels — a iPhone X successor with a 5.8″ display, a larger 6.5″ model and a middle-of-the-road 6.1″ version.

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The 6.1″ is going to occupy the lowest price point despite featuring a bigger display, due to the use of LCD technology instead of the pricier OLED panels in the 5.8″ and 6.5″ models. The new 6.5″ model is expected to take up to $999 (~RM4044 money not found) price tag of the iPhone X, and the 5.8″ to be priced $100 less at $899 (~RM3640). The new 6.1″ model is going to be priced at $700 (~RM2834), according to a report published by Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities.

Aside from LCD displays , the 6.1″ iPhone are also set to feature a single camera and an aluminium frame instead of the stainless steel one featured by the iPhone X. These cost cutting measures allow Apple to sell the 6.1″ model cheaper.

New 6.1" iPhone to be priced at $700 — expected to sell like hotcakes! 24

Mockup by 9to5Mac

Interestingly, the new 6.1″ iPhone is rumored to come in a plethora of colors, including grey, white, blue, red and orange. Apple has had a track record of offering their “budget” model in a variety of colors, so this might turn out to be true when September rolls around the corner.

Source: 9to5Mac

Pokdepinion: This is probably the first time Apple is offering so many variants for users to pick from! They must be feeling the pinch from the looming threat posed by Android flagships that just get better and better.

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