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The New Samsung Galaxy Watch is Coming to Malaysia – Simplify Your Life

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch is Coming to Malaysia – Simplify Your Life

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 1, 2018
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The New Samsung Galaxy Watch is Coming to Malaysia

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch is Coming to Malaysia

If you’ve been looking for a brand new smartwatch to call your own, then perhaps the newest offering by Samsung is the one you’re looking for. First introduced during the Galaxy Note9 Unpacked event, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch will be bringing the best of the Galaxy ecosystem to Malaysia.

The Galaxy Watch is said to have a long-lasting battery life, up to 80+ hours per full charge so users don’t have to worry about charging it everyday, which can feel like a chore. It offers what Samsung described as “a true holistic health experience” with its new and improved stress management tracker which can automatically detect high levels of stress and offer breathing exercises to help users keep focus.

The new advanced sleep tracker monitors all levels of sleep, even REM cycles, so you can adjust your sleeping habits in order to get best rest possible. It also adds 21 new indoor exercises, tracking a total of 39 workouts that allow users to customize and change up their routines. As diet is equally as important as the exercise to stay healthy, the calorie tracking and personalized alerts will ensure you are on the right track to your goals. Users can even stay on track of their meals by using Bixby Vision.

The new smartwatch will have a circular, rotating bezel, Always-On Display, Corning Gorilla Glass DX+, and a 5 ARM water resistance rating to ensure long-lasting use regardless of the environment.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch will coming in two variants; 46mm and 42mm. The 46mm variant, which is only available in Silver, will be retailing for RM1,299. The 42mm variant, which is available in Midnight Black and Rose Gold, will be retailing for RM1,199. It will be available for purchase starting 5th October 2018.

Pre-Order Promo

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch is Coming to Malaysia

From 1st October to 4th October 2018, you can pre-order both the 46mm and 42mm Galaxy Watch at the Samsung E-Store. Doing so for the 46mm variant will get you one free strap (Brown / Navy Blue) worth RM109. If you pre-order the 42mm variant instead, you will receive a Tan-coloured strap for Midnight Black, and Phonebox-colour strap for Rose Gold, for free.

If you’re interesting to pre-order it, click right here to head straight the E-Store.

Pokdepinion: Still thinking if I should get one for myself or not. Very tempting.

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