POS Malaysia site is down, possibly a ransomware attack

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POS Malaysia site is down, possibly a ransomware attack

POS Malaysia services are down at this point of time and according to an anonymous reliable source, there is a possibility that the IT infrastructure has been hit with ransomware. At the time of writing this article, we can confirm that the main page is under maintenance.

POS Malaysia site is down, possibly a ransomware attack 4
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  • Pos Malaysia is non political department in government agencies. Pos Malaysia being honest dan transperant to all rakyat Malaysia. The hacker who did this are totally wrong dan abuse the most transperant department in Malaysia. Government must do something to prevent this kind of attack cannot happen in the future.

    After Universiti Malaysia, KLIA, KLIA2 and CIMB Bank, now these naugthy hackers society want to attack Pos Malaysia. Pos Malaysia is not a banking system, so please respect Pos Malaysia and all Malaysian must criticise and condem this attack on Pos Malaysia

  • You are right. We do not support these happenings either. Our reason of putting the word is out is merely to alert the public to stay wary of these events and be cautious in case they get compromised further. Users commonly use the same credentials and details across various platforms that can only cause more damage. We just want to avoid it.

    We do not sensationalize these events and I personally would like to clarify this here. We also wish Pos Malaysia get out of this misery as soon as possible as I understand the implications of these events.

    I have had friends who lost their jobs because they happened to be the system admins of the companies that were attacked with ransomware. I know the pain of the organizations that endure these mishaps. Please don’t get us wrong yeah.

  • Pos Malaysia adalah agensi kerajaan yang telus, bebas dan tidak berpartisipasi. Tidak sewajarnya pihak yang menggodam system ini melakukan perkara tersebut terhadap Pos Malaysia. Berpuluh tahun lamanya Pos Malaysia memberikan servis dan perkhidmatan yang terbaik untuk rakyat Malaysia. Mereka yang melakukan kerja hacking dan menceroboh system Pos Malaysia harus dikecam oleh masyarakat dan dikenakan tindakan oleh pihak berkuasa.

    Pos Malaysia is a transparent, independent and non-participating government agency. It is not appropriate for the hackers of the system to do so against Pos Malaysia. Pos Malaysia has been providing the best service and services for Malaysians for decades. Those who do hacking and hacking the Pos Malaysia system should be publicly criticized and prosecuted by the authorities.

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