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PS5 Launch Possibly Delayed? Initially Expected Launch in 2019

PS5 Launch Possibly Delayed? Initially Expected Launch in 2019

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 21, 2018
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Many people have started to speculate when the PS5 will officially be launched. According to a well-known analyst, the console’s launch might be delayed.

PS5 Launch Possibly Delayed?

PS5 Launch Possibly Delayed?

Previously, we reported about the PlayStation 4 entering the final stage of its life cycle, which you can read about by clicking right here. This sent gamers into a frenzy, wondering if the PS5 will be coming soon or if it means something else completely. While many people, including myself believe we’re about 2 years or so away from the successor’s launch, it might not actually be the case.

According to Ace Economic Research analyst Hideki Yasuda, who recently made his report on Sony’s most recent financial performance, anticipated that the PS5 will be launched by end of 2019.

However, this launch window might see a delay due to a potential shortage on electric components. Japanese electronic manufacturers Murata Manufacturing and TKD has mentioned about the rising demand for monolithic ceramic capacitors. This component, which are used in cars and 5G-capable mobile devices, may see a supply shortage which will in turn affect the production of PS5 consoles.

Because of this alone, Yasuda believes that the chance for the console’s release to be delayed certainly exists. However, to what degree is the possibility is unknown at this point in time.

Keep in mind that Sony themselves have not officially announced the PS5 so this is still counted under speculation. So take this information with a grain of salt and hope for the best. If it happens, I hope Sony is prepared to deal with potential supply issues as quickly as they can. Not being able to resupply the console fast enough will prove to be damaging to their sales.

Source: Ace Economic Research

Pokdepinion: I still feel like 2019 is still too soon for a successor. Announcing it in 2019 is fine but I feel like if they want to launch it as fast as possible, they should look at a Q2 or Q3 2020 release window. They could even use the extra time to iron out the kinks, like potential overheating or part failures. We wouldn’t want another Red Ring of Death fiasco in our hands, that’s for sure.

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