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Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products

by Raja IdrisAugust 13, 2018
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Sony has announced quite a number audio products in the form of the IER-Z1R In-ear Headphones, DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player, MDR-Z7M2, IER-M9 and IER-M7 In-ear stage monitor headphones.

Sony New Audio Products

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products 25

Sony IER-Z1R

Coming from the Signature Series, expect sound reproduction that’s clear and expressive from the IER-Z1R. It features a HD hybrid driver system, which consists of 5mm dynamic driver, 12mm Magnesium alloy diaphragm dynamic driver as well as Magnesium alloy diaphragm Balanced Armature (BA) driver. Its housing shape is designed for comfort and includes pre-formed ear hanger and large variety of ear buds for you to choose from.

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products 26

Sony DMP-Z1

Also from the Sony Signature Series is the DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player. It delivers exceptional sound quality with High-Resolution Audio and is compatible for DSD Native up to 11.2MHz for both balance and single end.

It comes packed with battery and its integrated headphones amp. Storage wise, it comes with a built-in 256GB with dual micro SD slots. It will give you stationary class sound quality and Headphone power output, gold plated rotary volume control customized for Sony with dual DAC and analogue amp. The DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player will also be coming from mid-October 2018.

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products 27

Sony MDR-Z7M2

Next up is Sony’s MDR-Z7M2, the successor to the MDR-Z7 headphones. They’ve said that is it features with improved sound quality and wearing comfort. In addition, it includes a newly developed 70mm driver unit, aluminium-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms, bigger magnets and also a Fibonacci-patterned grill.

Besides that, it offers a 3D and spatial sound experience that delivers a wide and spacious sound from 4Hz to 100kHz. Its ear-pads are made of very thick low repulsion urethane foam, reducing the feeling of stuffiness and providing long-wear comfort.

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products 28

Sony IER-M9

Last but not least, they’ve announced their new in-ear stage monitor headphones, the IER-M9 and also the IER-M7. They provide tonal balance for monitoring your play on the stage with absolute sound isolation and a stable fit to avoid them from falling off during performance.

With the IER-M9, it features a Super Tweeter with magnesium alloy diaphragm, Penta BA system in a magnesium alloy inner housing and a housing-integrated sound path made of a light a durable magnesium alloy outer housing.

Sony Releases Barrage Of New Audio Products 29

Sony IER-M7

The IER-M7 features Quad BA system, a magnesium alloy inner housing, a brass sound path and high quality network circuits. High sound quality balanced connection is achieved with the supplied 4.4mm balanced standard cable or the use of similar optional cables. Silver-coated OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) is used in both supplied cables.

All of these brand new Sony audio products will be available here in Malaysia from mid-October 2018.

Pokdepinion: As I’m a person who prefers headphones over earphones, the MDR-Z7M2 headphones is the only one on the list that really attracts me, but hey, that’s a lot that they’re bringing in.

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