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Tales of Arise Mystic Artes for Protagonists Unveiled in New Video

Tales of Arise Mystic Artes for Protagonists Unveiled in New Video

by Aiman MaulanaJune 3, 2021
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Tales of Arise Has New Trailer with Teaser for Spring 2021

One of the most highly anticipated games of 2021 is the next entry for Bandai Namco’s Tales of JRPG series, Tales of Arise. With a release date already confirmed, many gamers are keen to know more about the game so they can have a better idea of it. Now, we have a YouTube video showcasing the Tales of Arise Mystic Artes for the protagonists that have been made public thus far.

Tales of Arise Mystic Artes

In the YouTube video uploaded by CGInferno, we got a clear look at the Tales of Arise Mystic Artes for the four characters that are expected to be part of the player’s party. Those characters are, in order of appearances, Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law.

In the case of Alphen, he seems to imbue his sword with fire and proceeds to slash the enemy once. Afterwards, he proceeds to do a horizontal and vertical slashes which ends in a cross-type visual for added flair. For Shionne, she summons a line of bullets, grabs them, tosses them out, and proceeds to make a charged laser shot of sorts, which results in a large explosion.

Moving on to Rinwell, she holds her book of magic (Astral Artes) with a green orb floating above it. That green orb is then transformed into a tornado which hits the enemy from underneath, and she proceeds to toss a light orb as well, resulting in four pillars of light emerging and seemingly pierce the enemy. Lastly for Law, he hits the enemy with a flurry of punches and kicks imbued with thunder, and ends it with a diving kick which reminds me of an attack from Kamen Rider.

I don’t expect the Tales of Arise Mystic Artes to be limited to just these, as these are highly likely to be the first level of them. There could a couple or more for each character. The video itself helps to shed some light on how each character fights; Alphen with swordsmanship, Shionne as some type of gunner fighting from a distance, Rinwell as the magic caster, and Law as the close quarters martial arts combatant.

Tales of Arise will be coming to the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on 10th September 2021.


Pokdepinion: While this may not look like much for some of you, this actually gets me excited as I’d want to see what other attacks each character have. September could not come any sooner, and I hope there will not be any additional delays on the game.

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