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TP-Link Introduces Archer GE800 & Deco BE85 Wi-Fi 7 Routers

TP-Link Introduces Archer GE800 & Deco BE85 Wi-Fi 7 Routers

by Low Boon ShenApril 18, 2024
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TP-Link Introduces Archer GE800 & Deco BE85 Wi-Fi 7 Routers

Chinese router maker TP-Link today announces the launch of two new Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) routers, the Archer GE800 gaming router and the Deco BE85 mesh system. The main upgrade from Wi-Fi 6(E) to Wi-Fi 7 is not just faster speeds: things like Multi-RU (puncturing) and Multi-link Operation (MLO) help the supported device maintain high speeds and maximize available radio channels from the router, which is often wasted in older Wi-Fi standards.

TP-Link Introduces Archer GE800 & Deco BE85 Wi-Fi 7 Routers

The first product today is the Archer GE800 gaming router – like most products in its class, it provides dedicated network acceleration channels to minimize latency in games. RGB is also included, obviously. As far as network capabilities go, it’s rated for up to a combined 19Gbps bandwidth via tri-band (11.52Gbps 6GHz + 5.76Gbps 5GHz + 1.38Gbps 2.4GHz), plus two 10GbE WAN/LAN ports and four 2.5GbE LAN ports for those preferring a more reliable wired setup.

In terms of feature set, the Archer GE800 comes included with TP-Link HomeShield with basic features (subscription required for advanced features), EasyMesh support, and VPN split tunneling – which allows normal network traffic to be protected under VPN, while latency-sensitive traffic like games can go through conventional network for lower ping.

TP-Link Introduces Archer GE800 & Deco BE85 Wi-Fi 7 Routers 25

Next is the Deco BE85 mesh system, also a tri-band system capable of delivering a theoretical maximum of 22Gbps combined (11.52Gbps 6GHz + 8.64Gbps 5GHz + 1.38Gbps 2.4GHz). Connectivity-wise, the mesh provides good flexibility as it comes with two 10GbE WAN/LAN ports, one of which also supports direct fiber internet connections (SFP+). Two more 2.5GbE LAN ports can also be used to connect devices or function as the backhaul connection for other mesh systems.

Speaking of backhaul, the Deco BE85 supports combined wireless + wired backhaul to help improve speed and latency. All that data processing means lots of heat – and the mesh comes with two internal cooling fans to avoid thermal throttling. First-party data from TP-Link says the mesh can deliver 4Gbps at minimum for a 4,600 sq. ft. two-story villa, with compatible Wi-Fi 7 devices supporting 4×4 MIMO with MLO. Like the Archer, it also comes with TP-Link HomeShield basic plan, with the Pro plan requiring optional purchases.

For pricing, the TP-Link Archer GE800 gaming router costs RM2,599 apiece, while the Deco BE85 costs RM1,599 for the single unit, RM2,999 for the 2-pack, and RM4,399 for the 3-pack bundle – all are now available TP-Link’s Shopee and Lazada stores.

Pokdepinion: Wi-Fi 7 routers do be expensive. 

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