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LIAN LI LANCOOL 215 brings 200mm fans to an iconic design

LIAN LI LANCOOL 215 brings 200mm fans to an iconic design

by Vyncent ChanOctober 6, 2020
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LIAN LI announced the LANCOOL 215, with a full mesh front and two 200mm ARGB fans behind it. This case is designed to be performance-focused and budget-friendly while still offering the well-loved aesthetics of the LANCOOL family.

lian li lancool 215 200mm fans

While being affordable, the theme of the day with the LANCOOL 215 is airflow and cooling, with support for plenty of fans and radiators in this case. It can accommodate up to a 360mm or a 280mm radiator up front, as well as a 280mm one up top. On the rear, you can fit in a 120mm fan for exhausting hot air, and if you need more airflow to your GPU, there are mounting holes for two fans above the PSU shroud.

lian li lancool 215 behind motherboard tray

Behind the motherboard tray that supports up to EATX motherboards, there’s a fan hub and RGB controller to manage the fans you can cram into the system. There’s room for a long 210mm PSU here along with up to two 2.5″ drives and two 3.5″ HDDs.

lian li lancool 215 vertical gpu bracket

On top of all the features of the LANCOOL 215, LIAN LI made sure to make the LANCOOL 215 compatible with the vertical GPU kit designed for the LANCOOL II. You can get the LANCOOL 215 for just $69.99 (~RM291) USD.

Pokdepinion: I must say, it does look pretty nice for its price…

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