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[WWDC 2023] Apple Unveils M2 Ultra Chipset: Powering the New Mac Studio and Mac Pro

[WWDC 2023] Apple Unveils M2 Ultra Chipset: Powering the New Mac Studio and Mac Pro

by Aiman MaulanaJune 6, 2023
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Apple continues to push the boundaries of performance with its latest announcement of the M2 Ultra chipset, representing a significant upgrade to its Mac lineup. Building upon the success of the M1 Ultra chip, the M2 Ultra introduces Apple’s innovative UltraFusion architecture, combining two M2 Max chips for unparalleled power and speed. Let’s explore the features and improvements that the M2 Ultra brings to the new Mac Studio and updated Mac Pro.

Apple M2 Ultra @ WWDC 2023

[WWDC 2023] Apple Unveils M2 Ultra Chipset: Powering the New Mac Studio and Mac Pro

Apple claims that the M2 Ultra chip delivers a 20% increase in CPU performance compared to its predecessor, the M1 Ultra. The impressive 76-core GPU inside the M2 Ultra offers a 30% boost, while the 32-core Neural Engine (NPU) provides a 40% enhancement in performance. With up to 192GB of unified memory, a 50% increase over the M1 Ultra, and 800GB/s bandwidth, double that of the M2 Max, the M2 Ultra sets a new standard for Mac performance.

Apple’s new chip excels in handling real-world tasks, with the ability to process video 50% faster than previous models. Users can now playback up to 22 streams of 8K ProRes video, elevating the editing and content creation experience to new heights. Additionally, the M2 Ultra enables seamless connectivity to up to six Pro Display XDR displays, empowering professionals to immerse themselves in a visually stunning workflow.

[WWDC 2023] Apple Unveils M2 Ultra Chipset: Powering the New Mac Studio and Mac Pro

The new Mac Studio, equipped with either the M2 Max or M2 Ultra chip, delivers exceptional performance for creative professionals. With up to 192GB of unified memory and improved connectivity options, including HDMI support for 8K monitors and a 240Hz refresh rate, the Mac Studio enables users to unleash their creativity with unparalleled speed and precision. The addition of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 further enhances the overall user experience.

The Mac Pro, available in both tower and rack-mounted enclosures, showcases Apple’s commitment to meeting the demands of professional users. With the iconic aluminum chassis and the cutting-edge M2 Ultra chip, the Mac Pro offers an unrivaled level of performance and flexibility. The expansion capabilities, including six open PCIe gen 4 slots, provide users with the ability to customize their workstation to suit their specific workflow requirements, whether it’s video editing, digital signal processing, or network and storage management.

The Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chipset starts at $1,999, providing a cost-effective solution for users seeking exceptional performance in a compact form factor. The Mac Pro, available in both Tower and Rack enclosures, starts at $6,999 and $7,499, respectively, offering pro users a powerhouse capable of handling demanding tasks. Both models are now available for pre-order and will be released in the US next week, marking a new era of performance and innovation in the Mac ecosystem.


Pokdepinion: With the introduction of the new chipset, Apple reinforces its commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and delivering cutting-edge technology to professionals. The Mac Studio and Mac Pro, powered by the M2 Ultra, redefine what is possible in terms of speed, productivity, and customization. Whether you’re a creative professional or a power user, the M2 Ultra chipset is set to elevate your Mac experience to new heights.

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