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Make teaching and learning fun again with the JOI Smartboard!

Make teaching and learning fun again with the JOI Smartboard!

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 10, 2020
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The way we learn has probably seen some major changes, especially with the recent MCO that meant everyone had to stay home. While schools have reopened, there is probably little reason to revert to old-school teaching and learning. Enter the JOI Smartboard, which gives you the ability to make learning a more interactive experience by bringing it into the digital space.

With the JOI Smartboard, you can choose whether you want to run Windows 10 or Android OS, depending on your software needs. This delivers even greater flexibility to use whatever apps you need to better deliver your message to students.

Make teaching and learning fun again with the JOI Smartboard! 25

Another very useful feature that the JOI Smartboard offers is the Capture mode that lets you record your screen while you are teaching. Educators can then share the video with students to allow them to review the material at home. You can even edit the video directly on the JOI Smartboard to make the videos more concise for easier consumption.

If you want to cast your device’s display to the JOI Smartboard, it provides the Connect feature that not only lets you beam your personal device’s screen wirelessly to the JOI Smartboard, but also use it as a remote control system to make the lesson more interactive. Wired connections are also available with Easicable which will allow you to share your screen with just a single cable connection.

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Last but not least, the JOI Smartboard also offers Note that turns the JOI Smartboard into an interactive whiteboard. It not only lets you do basic annotations on the screen, but also simplifies the process of sharing mathematical formulae, chemical compositions and much more. Instead of having to write and draw out everything by hand, the JOI Smartboard makes it simpler while also more interactive for everyone.

Based on the Intel Interactive Flat Panel Display platform, the JOI Smartboard come with Intel® processors to deliver the performance necessary to power all the features seamlessly. The use of Intel® processors provide a robust hardware platform that will support all the applications you need to run on the JOI Smartboard to better convey your message to students in an interactive way.

The JOI Smartboard combines the best hardware and software to make the classroom a more conducive learning environment, as it is so much more than just a simple display. Top-notch security features are also baked into the Intel processors powering the JOI Smartboard, providing peace of mind.

JOI Smartboard school

For teachers who want to use the JOI Smartboard, JOI provides a leasing program and installment schemes of up to 36 months. You will even be eligible for a limited-time giveaway upon purchase which is valid from now until 26th September. Terms and condition apply.

For more information, you can head on over to the link below:

Find out more about the JOI Smartboard

Alternatively, you can also contact the following representatives to find out more about the JOI Smartboard:

Northern region (Perak, Penang & etc.) 

Central & Southern region (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & etc.) 

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