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TCL’s Display Division Showcases Blazing-Fast 4K 1000Hz Panel

TCL’s Display Division Showcases Blazing-Fast 4K 1000Hz Panel

by Low Boon ShenMay 22, 2024
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TCL’s Display Division Showcases Blazing-Fast 4K 1000Hz Panel

How fast is too fast? 300Hz? 360Hz? 540Hz? TCL disagrees – the Chinese electronics maker’s display division, TCL CSOT, has recently unveiled a new display panel with specs that is best described as face-melting. High refresh rate 4K displays are already hard to come by today, but this panel is touting 4K resolution at 1,000Hz refresh rate.

To give you a rough idea just how fast that is, that’s as fast as your gaming mouse’s polling rate. Your GPU is unlikely to keep up, unless you have the RTX 4090 running something like CS2 or Valorant with the lowest settings possible, plus as much performance boosting as possible, while enduring through loud coil whines as the GPU struggles to keep up to the display’s sheer speed.

There’s also the other part of the display equation, which is the bandwidth provided by either HDMI or DisplayPort. Currently, DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 is the fastest display protocol available on the market capable of delivering 80GB/s of bandwidth, but 4K 1000Hz is simply too much for it to handle. Even with the latest DSC 3.0 standard, this resolution and refresh rate combination still demands roughly 90GB/s – meaning no consumer display standard supports it today.

TCL’s Display Division Showcases Blazing-Fast 4K 1000Hz Panel

Image: Blur Busters (X/Twitter)

Of course, this is merely a concept, so you won’t be seeing this display making into the market anytime soon. When it eventually does, it is likely that a newer display protocol will have the bandwidth covered by then, either through faster lanes or better signal compression algorithms.

The display maker is also showcasing other display concepts, such as a “Tandem Trifold” screen for foldable smartphones, a 16-inch 8K laptop display, a super-thin 57-inch MLED panel that measures at 6.9mm thick, and more.

Source: Videocardz

Pokdepinion: How much of a difference it’s going to make compared to a 240Hz monitor? Would be interesting to compare side-by-side.

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