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Cooler Master GD160 Gaming Desk Lands In Malaysia At RM1,199!

Cooler Master GD160 Gaming Desk Lands In Malaysia At RM1,199!

by Raja IdrisDecember 6, 2021
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The folks at Cooler Master has recently announced of the arrival of the Cooler Master GD160 gaming desk, in case you want to bling out your PC setup.

Cooler Master GD160 gaming desk now available

Cooler Master GD160

The gaming desk comes with a minimalistic design with just a touch of flair to spice things up. When it comes to material, it is built tough, with a chipboard and steel construction to support various setups such as multi-monitor desk clamps and hefty water-cooled systems.

They claim that it can offer support for up to 100kg loads on the table, so you definitely have assurance there. Aside from that, it also houses a cable management tray, helping you to keep your setup looking clean and tidy. The corners are chamfered to prevent unwanted accidents. You also have the ability to adjust the height of the desk as well to suit your need.

Last but not least, you can fit a full-surface mousepad on the desk which gives you optimal tracking across. Catered for both gaming and working use, the surface is also water resistant, assuring for easier cleaning and preventing any spills from damaging the surface.

The Cooler Master GD160 Gaming Desk is now available for the price of RM1,199. For more on the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews, stay tuned to Pokde.net.

Pokdepinion: It sure does look simple. I’m still amazed by how it can stand up to 100kg though. Maybe it’s just what I see from the picture where it would look buff in real life. 

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